Saturday, 27 October 2012


   I am finally in Agde,after a lot of travelling and all kind of adventures! I missed plains,trains,busses-the normal chess fun :)))
   It was a hell of a rain yesterday,but it's a bit nicer today- I went for a walk to the beach and though it was very windy-I enjoyed it!
   The round will start at 3 pm (local time). I will play against not such a strong opponent today,but with more than 2000 Elo for sure-so got to be focused anyways :)
   I haven't been in France since 2005,when I visited Paris and played some tournaments in Saint-Louis and Belfort. I forgot how funny it is to talk in English and to get replies in French :))) Well,I'm trying to improve my French-but I don't really think that I have a chance :DD
   The conditions are very good so far- I've got a single room and there's internet in here. The food is also very nice- I was surprised yesterday to see at every table at the restaurant some bottles of French wine!
   I don't want to remember the dark sides of my trip-I'll better focus on the nice ones-so here are some photos from my today's walk ;)

Allready have met a friend here-Nastia Savina (yeah-she's the possesor of the red ones :)))

   I will go for lunch in about an hour and then I'll have some rest... I hope that the tournament will start fine for me. I have one round today and one tomorrow-then I have a double round-on 29th Oct,then on 30th I will play the first two rounds of a rapid in the morning ;) I'm gonna' be all in chess!

xoxo from France!

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