Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mirror,mirror,tell me,please...

   It's interesting how our perspective of life changes from day to day. One day you're completely broken and you don't want to live,the other day you feel like the World is at your feet. Why are we,the human kind, so unstable? It's much easier for animals-got food,still alive- why to worry? I think it's about the people who surround us,the people that we care about. One day we feel so fuc*ing guilty to dissapoint them, the other day we can't get enough appreciation from them. It's not fair! Why our emotional condition should depend on someone else than ourselves? I guess it's because our closest persons pursued the technique of playing the "guilty card",like we don't care enough anyways... Speaking frankly,there's another point too- we all want to be loved, that's why our failures are more painful if they are seen by others too... I think that the best strategy for gaining some emotional stability is to admit that you can't be the best in everything. Show me a person who succeeded in all the aspects of life: familly,society,wealth,health,job,happiness and who is still loved by everyone!
  So,don't care that much about what other people think about you, just learn to like what you see in the mirror!


  1. "we all want to be loved". Sure.
    But do we all want to love? The whole problem is here. Otherwise it's just a paradox. Something kind of poll conducted on the roads. There was a question "Do you think you are better than average driver?" Most of people said, "yes, I am."

    1. You're right,one should give to the world exactly what he wants to get back :)