Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rock and roll,baby!

   I've decided to make a post about my favourite bands/singers :)
   Well,it's difficult to make a top,but I'll try ;)

1. Eminem ("Lose yourself" my favorite by far)
2. Nirvana ("Where did you sleep last night", "The man who sold the world")
3. Eric Clapton ("Layla", "Change the world")
4. Bon Jovi  ("You give love a bad name", "It's my life" & co )
5. Vama Veche ("18 ani","Omul Plajei", "Vara asta", "Dorinta")
6. Guns N' Rosses ("November Rain" -too goooooood )
7. Dire Straits ("Moneeeeeey for nothing"- I simply looooove it ;)
8. Duran Duran ("What happens tomorrow"," Sweet dreams"-though I like more the Marylin Manson version)
9. Florence & The Machine ("Shake it out", "Spectrum")
10. Deep Purple (" Anya", "Smooooooke on the water", "Anyone's daughter")

11. Nickelback ("Rockstar")
12. Sting ("Russians", "Desert rose","Englishman in NY", "Shape of my heart")
13. Awolnation ("Sail")
14. The Black Keys ( "Lonely boy", "Too afraid to love"- biiiiiiiiiig like ;)
15. AC/DC -of couuuurse- it should have been upper I guess-anyways,I love all their songs
16.Phil Collins ("Easy lover", "One more night")
17. Kiss ("Heaven's on fire")
18. CCR ("Bad Moon Rising")
19. Depeche Mode -again,should have been much higher ("Personal Jessus"-You're owwwwn,peeeeerrsonal ;)))
20. Whitesnake ("Crying in the rain","Is this love")
21. Zemfira ("Beskonechnosti")
22. DDT ("Eto vse")
23. Timur Shaov ("Hippie")

There are more bands like Oasis,Aerosmith,Cranberries and a lot of singers whom I've missed for sure,but this is the most listened music on my Ipod ;)


  1. If these are your favourite songs, you'll surely like this one too :)

    1. Everyone has his right to love different kind of music,I don't judge :)