Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chess week-end in Germany

   Here I am, packing again, this time- heading to Germany, for Bundesliga.
   The funny thing is that my big suitcase is still unpacked (from Mamaia).Well, I don't need it now, I'll take just a handbaggage,because I'll be back on Monday.
   We'll have to play against the strongest team- "Baden-Baden" this week-end. The match will take part in Karlsruhe. I checked the weather there and there won't be more than 18 degrees and it's going to rain almost every day. Speaking frankly, I really miss this kind of weather :)
   I have just realized that my 19th birthday is closer and closer- one month and one week left :) I hope I'll be in Iasi to celebrate it!
   I will have some courses at the University after comming from Bundesliga and  then I will leave for a tournament in France- "Cap d'Agde". Here's the official site:  I haven't been to France since 2005,when I played in Saint-Louis and the WYCC in Belfort. I also visited Paris that time. I really liked Paris,though I still regret that I didn't go to Disney Land!
2005, visiting Notre Dame de Paris with my mum :)

 It's a childhood dream that still needs to come true at some point... Maybe next year ;) 

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