Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Shine on you crazy diamond!

   Why to try being someone else than yourself? I seem to have found the answer-because being yourself is very dangerous nowadays-people use to hurt... Circumstances can hurt... One second in a wrong place,in the wrong moment can take one's serenity away for an undefined time... The most funny thing about this is that you still blame yourself for this,not the one who took it away from you. It's actually a "great" technique-to hurt someone and to make him feel guilty for it... When people know too much about you,they start using it against you. A sun gives warm and light,but in the same time-it outshines everything... Many prefer to have a lifetime of cold and darkness. The problem is that it's not their call. Clouds come and they pass- the sun is forever.
   One can hide a diamond but he can never break it.