Wednesday, 24 October 2012


   There are friends and FRIENDS. I used to be a very closed person,one who wouldn't let anyone on my own space... It has changed in the last one and a half year. I've understood that chess is not only about training sessions,professionalism and being totally focused during the tournaments. The thing that I've discovered for myself is that chess is also about getting to know people from all other the world, making new friends, going out. If two years ago I wasn't going out at all during tournaments- I was preparing in the evening and then in the morning too, I've found out that it works much better for me if not to look at the pairings the night before, but simply to go to relax after the game, to socialize, to go to bed at 12 or at 1 am, then to wake up at 10 am, to take the breakfast and to prepare from 11 to 12.30... I think it's much better this way-so one can get both playing pro and having some fun.
   I've got to know so many people this way-so many interesting people with whom I've become really good friends in time. There are the funny ones with whom I can laugh until death even after a lost game, there are the "better than me" ones who motivate me to work harder, there are the crazy ones with whom I can party,there are the "on my frequency" ones with whom I can confide, there are the "smartass" ones with whom I can talk about nerdy things and with whom I can argue on such kind of matters as the existance of God, there are the fancy ones with whom I can feel sophisticated,there are the "all in chess" ones with whom I can play blitz until I won't feel my right hand... I can continue more and more...
   The point is that there are no real friends and fake friends-there are simply different kinds of friends-for different situations and mood. I am so happy that I've got them all and I don't regret the 1,5 point that I get less in one tournament per 6 months. I think it's a price worth to be paid!

   Here are the 2 photos from my today's night walk through Timisoara- the city I'm totally in love with and the one that have made a great gift for me- some new Friends!

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