Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happy Birthday,Chisinau!

   It is a big celebration in my hometowm- Chisinau- today.It's the so called "Hramul Orasului"- Chisinau is 576 years today!
   I have a lot of memories linked to Chisinau, as I grew up there. I was born there, I made my frist steps, I went to school, made my first friends, started to play chess-all in Chisinau. Every time I go to Chisinau I feel like I'm at home,well,I actually am :)) I have just skyped with my sister and she told me that mum is cooking some big dinner,as all the familly will be together tonight,well- almost all.
   I moved to Romania at the beginning of 2010,in Januray and I've become very independent and even a bit selfish since then. I guess it's an effect of living all by myself. First, I used to go home very often,but afterwards it became more rare. The problem was that I got used to be my own boss- to do whatever I want and whenever I want, but when I go home, my parents still see me as their little girl, I guess that's why my stays in Chisinau are not so long and often. Moreover, my life is in Romania now- I've got my university here, my friends...
   Anyways, it's nice to remember time to time the years I spent in Chisinau. I remember the weekends I used to spend with my very good friend- Diana- when we were children- we used to wake up at 5 am then we'd go for jogging and when copletely wasted- we'd sit for some green tea and talk all the day long-making plans for the next tournaments,dreaming how we'd play in the national team ,until our parents would start worrying...
   I also remember how my sister-Elena- and I used to go in the huge park near to our house and we were walking and exploring- a lot of my shoes went there on their last road ;)
   I remember the hours I used to spend with my mum solving chess positions, I would become nervous when not finding the solution,but I still didn't want her to tell it to me,I was so stubborn that sometimes I could stay for 2 hours to think until I would finally find the solution.
   I remember the walks my grandpa used to take me to when I was 7-9 years old... He would tell me long stories from his life and not only, we were discussing about every little thing in the world!
   I remember the piano lessons I loved sooo much. I had a very nice teacher and when it would be so cold that my fingers couldn't run on the piano's keyboard,he'd start tickling me until I was ready to go back to practicing.
   I remember how my granny used to bake all kind of delicious things for Easter! She still laughs at me because  I was picking only the cheese and the raisins I would find in the cake,not eating the rest of it.
   I am sincerely surprised of how many beautiful memories are comming to my mind,I used to think only about the bad ones...
   Eh, now I start missing home!

My sister in the park!

Love you,Chisinau!

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