Saturday, 13 October 2012

First day at the University!

   Today was my first day at the University! I was so,so nervous about it that I woke up too early and drank two big cups of coffee... I had no idea how it would be like and I was afraid no one would talk to me... It was a big relief when getting into the building and hearing some "Hey,are you here for Economics?". This was how I met my first mate-Cristina. We looked together for the classroom and sitted next to each other then. We had 6 (!!!) hours of Maths applied in Economics today! I forgot the feeling you get from sitting in a classroom from 8 am to 2 pm, listening to a proffessor who can't care less about you. Well,I should give him some credit for his sense of humour- though I somehow doubt his teaching skills ( or maybe I should doubt my learning ones?). The math I did today resumed to "Two hours have passed-it means 1/3,2/3 to go-ohhh,it means twice as until now!". To make it even better- I caught a cold and I was sneezzing every 10 minutes- I guess I tried to be a "constant"... "x" was my nose and "y" the number of times I made weird sounds with it-please calculate x+y! When it all somehow finished, I went happily outside and a furious rain met me there. I didn't have any umbrella with me-of course- who's reading the weather forecast nowadays? The only solution I found was to use my leather bag as a cover and to run to the taxi station,what I successfully did. I sat in a taxi-when the driver told me "I'm waiting for someone else here,miss!". Damn it! I got out and took the next cab,this time asking first if he was free. With some good luck I got to the cafe where a friend was waiting for me and tried to calm down while drinking a cappuccino...
   I hope my next getting into the "Uni life" will be more successful.
   As for now, I should definetely watch some horror movie- for cheering me up...


  1. OMG Irina! You actually made me laugh! You know all those comedians who try their best to make you laugh but all their jokes are nothing but boring stuff. Your writing here made my day! I know it was an important day of your life but forgive me for writing this: it is a hell of a story even for a stand up. It would be a really nice performance for any standup comedian.  I hope my daughter Delia will have her first day at whatever university she will please just as good as you did!