Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Do the pro's need University?

    As the courses from my University will start this week,I was trying to find a reason why I actually need it, if I know for sure that chess is what I want to do my entire life.
   Well, I'm not such a strong chess player (though I really want to be one) and ,as for me, maybe it would be nice to have a back-up - just in case. I was thinking that even for me a University isn't a "must do". If I will get bored of playing chess,I will always have the option to be a coach.
   The question is if  graduating a University is just a waste of time for a proffessional chess player. I think that it isn't. One can enlarge his orizonts of life by going to the University-he can change his view of the World. If one studies what he likes- something that's interesting for him- it can't be bad. Many worry that they won't have enough time for training sessions and for playing tournaments if they go to University, but you can study "on distance"  (like I will), and even if not possible- I've noticed that when you're busy all the day long, you work harder and more efficient the single  hour you've got for practicing chess than if you'd have all the day free-it's difficult to focus only on chess,there are too many distractions. I know many chess players who had their best results when being a student.
   I hope the University will work fine for me too... I can't wait to start the courses! I'm so curious how everything will be!
   I'll keep you updated with my impressions from the Uni! ;)

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