Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Too cool for sarcasm? BITE ME!

   Love or passion?(Really???)"Increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, an intence feeling of excitement?-See a doctor! Diagnose: you're in love a fool ." That's what a GOOD friend would tell you. As for me, love is a lot more complex than that (Man,I'm so deep!). There are so many kinds of "love": love as a passionate desire (tell me about it :P), love as the emotional closeness (you know,when u lose ur beloved mobile and u get a panic atack), the platonic love-the one u get after mixing long islands,beer,wine,etc,etc (which defines a "friendship with benefits" relationship), love as a profpounds devotion to something or someone (like the love for chess in my case),or the ideal fairytale of which every stupid little girl dreams- love as a concept that encompasses (can u repeat it,please?) all of those feelings. Because of the love's abstract nature (u know,the last bf who didn't tell he loved u-he also thought so), there have been a lot of discussions about it at all levels (u can call them like this if you prefer :D ) -the most of them reduced to some cliches (like you don't believe in them,huh?), as the Virgil's "Love conquers all" or the Aristotle's "Love means to will the good of another" or the so well known "All you need (but don't get) is love",by Beatles. Love can be seen both as an "absolute value" or a "relative value"(u mean that I can go out either with a begger or with a Bentley?). The philosopher G.Leibniz said that love is "to be delighted by the happiness of another"(now u read philosophy too). It is a bless curse when one's capable of love. It's a bless curse which many don't appreciate. They take it as given. There are a lot of people incapable of love or with a unlimited capability.- the people with histrionic personality disorder and the ones with narcissism. The biological bassis of love has many aspects itself (yeah,we're all a bunch of animals in fond). If considering it to be an instinctual drive,much like hunger and thirst we can speak about lust (and dogs,cats,cows...) , a feeling that usually don't last more than some weeks (pink sunglasses are not 4ever),or tops-some months. If we speak of the romantic side of attraction,it's when two partners find some things attractive and they pursue it (u mean each other?).This feeling is the one that makes us say "I've fallen in love"(can't go wrong with that!). Actually, it's not love.(FINALLY!) Some recent studies in neuroscience have indicated that the brain of people who fall in love consistently releases a certain set of chemicals,including pheromones, dopamine,serotonin,etc, which produces an effect similar to the amphetamines one, stimulating the brain's pleasure center and leading to such side effects as increased heart rate, loss of sleep and appetite, and an intence feeling of excitement.(like I didn't know that u're all drug addicts) This stage can last about 3 years (until u send me a postcard from cuckoo's nest). I find that that's the main reason why many marriages fall apart in their first stage (that's why they actually happen!),because people get confused,or better said "fooled" by themselves. Since we consider these first 2 stages (lust and attraction) to be temporary (what did u expect-love until death?), the logic conclusion is that there should be some third stage (couldn't think of it by myself) - I see it as the "attachment""pregnant with 3 children thing"- the feeling that leads to long-termed relationships. Attachment is much deeper, it involves some sort of bonding (like I would disagree :P). This last feeling should lead to marriage and having children (DA-AA! Read upper!). Unfortunately, it's not easy to be objective when you think that you "love"(of course,u're all drugged up with those "-etamines" things. It's even funny when it comes to the situation when a closed to you person tells you "You're wrong,don't hurry"(smartass,huh?) and you tell him to fuck off and to stop envying (good job!). We usually call him after a time saying "I'm sorry,you were soooo right!"(of course,he told u u're an idiot!). In conclusion, we should be happy if we're unable to feel love and we should simply enjoy it (love urself,bro'!). All this analyzing is much of a waste of time (why the fuck have I read it then?),b.Because love's a drug and we stop being rational when feeling it :) Love, attachment, attraction, lust- who cares? As long as you two (or 3,or 4,or 64) enjoy it- it can't be bad!

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  1. « A quoi reconnaît-on que l’on est amoureux ? C’est très simple. On est amoureux quand on commence à agir contre son intérêt. » François Truffaut (Extrait du film L’Amour en fuite)