Friday, 26 October 2012

Craving for fame

   I miss you and every little part of me craves for you! Is this feeling familliar to you? You'd better say yes,'cause I won't take "no" as an answer anyways ;)
   And now,as I'm done with the "corny" things-here's another night in the airport... It couldn't go without any events-of course! Every time I have spent a night in the Bucharest's airport I've met interesting people... So,I've been practicing my English for the last one hour and I'm happy to notice that my American accent's back (the one I've got after watching "Californication"-yeah-we all love Hanky :P )
   If not to consider the "super VIP" price of coffee and coke-this night's really cool so far... Marathon chatting on fb, writting posts at 3.48 am- isn't it cool???-it's a part of my normality.
   It's the 1st time in my life when  I've been recognized by a stranger- it's really flattering and I'd lie if I'd tell that I don't feel like I own the world!

Can't wait to get to France!

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