Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The longest semaphore

   This title has been inspired by one taxi driver who told me- "It's the longest semaphore in Timisoara!".
   Today's my last night in this amazing city! I went for a glass of wine with some friends and we've sang the songs of this Romanian band - "Vama Veche"... It's been so cool!
   I will travel to Bucharest tomorrow and I'll go to Toulouse from there (by plain) an then to Agde-by train. I'm going to play an open there. It won't be an easy day,but I have so many things to think about! I've got a lot of memories from here. I have this a bit strange habbit-to buy a silver ring for every worth to remember memory- I've got one "rockish" one from Timisoara!
   There've been promisses and good-byes-they will all stay with me-until the next time...
   Thank you for such an amazing "10 days of my life"!
   I always wanted to end a post with the lyrics of one of my favourite Romanian songs: " Am doar 18 ani,sunt nebun iubesc si..." ("I've got only 18 y.o, I'm crazy,I'm in love and..."



  1. and..and i don`t have money
    Nobody stands in my way
    I have my own road with one direction,it will lead me somewhere