Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Money addiction

   As I'm almost 19, the "money" matter has started to be a very actual one for me. I want to be independent,to afford whatever I like. I partly do it. The main problem is that I don't want to be like others,who work only for earning money. I want to do what I like and to be payed for it. As chess is what I love the most in my life, I'm playing all kind of opens,club championships, official tournaments... I somehow get through. My goal is to become a great chess player and to try to keep being a good person. I think that if I'll do that- money won't be a concern.
   I am speaking about it because daily,on facebook, I see a lot of girls who make pictures of their new dresses,shoes,bags-whatever,guys possing in some very fancy cars. I wonder why is it so important for one that others would know what cool stuff you can afford? Has something changed,because the last time I checked- the person made the thing,not viceversa.
   One day,when sitting in a cafe with a friend of mine,we accidentally overheard two girls talking. One asked "Why do you date him, you don't even like him?" and the other answered "He has money,how do you think I have such a wardrobe?". People do a lot of things for money. They forget about morality, they step on their pride,they lick other's asses. Sorry for the expression,but that's exactly how things are nowadays...
   Many say that money don't bring happiness,but they maintain it. I agree- it's difficult to have a happy life when you fight with your other half  about money matters every night,but why to become so obsessed with it? Some people seem not to have any other values than "euro". They want more and more and even more. Money is addictive, once you have a lot,you want even more and it's never enough.
   I hope that no matter what will happen in my life I will be able to call myself  "a person",a real person, not a fake one,not one bought by money.

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