Friday, 2 November 2012

Cap d'Agde

   The tournament is close to the end. There's just one more round to be played,tomorrow-at 9 am.
   It's been a very tough week for me. I made 5 draws,won 2 and lost todays's game. The only problem's that all my opponents had lower elo than me. The two games that I won were very difficult-I was playing for like 5 hours... The draws I made were also very long played- I had just one game which finished in less than four and a half hours. It's difficult to find a reason for such a bad result. I had decisive advantage in every game but one and I was blundering at the end... Houdini gave -3.40 yesterday, +1.24 today and instead of 2 points I scored 0,5... I guess that's it- I have to work more, because this result is defienetely not what I wanted.
   I've also played in a rapid tournament here. I scored 6 out of 8 and took the 8th place.
   This place- Cap d'Agde is beautiful, if not to consider the 2 stormy days-the weather was nice.
   Here are some photos from the place where I stayed.

   Some long travelling is waiting for me again... Some conclusions should be made- I will have pretty much time to think which one on my way back. The main problem is that in the last half year I only lost rating... 
   On this sad note I will finish the post. 
   It's too bad that such a nice place was not lucky for me at all.


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