Sunday, 21 October 2012

I ❤ Timisoara

   I've been in Timisoara since Monday. It's been an amazing week- a week when I fell in love with Timisoara! It's a very beautiful city-I think that it's the most cozy and elegant one in Romania. It has this "coquette" air which makes one feel very special and in the right place. Being in the West of Romania-it reminds me of a small Wien! People are also a bit different than in the Center and in the South of the country-they are not that stressed and they're more polite and positive. Well, I also feel very good here because I'm staying with people who love me and whom I love- my aunt and uncle (Mariana & Adrian) and my stunning cousin- Maria-Alexandra.
   I went out the last 2 nights with some friends and it's been really fun! We went to some rockish pub and we talked,sang,danced!

   I understand now why people from Timisoara go out more often than others-because it's really cool to go out in such a wonderful city!
"Piata Unirii" seen by my Nokia mobile :)

   So, I'm absolutely in love with this city and with the people from here! If I could choose where to live (and I actually CAN!!!) I would definetely choose Timisoara!

xoxo from Timisoara!

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