Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's ok to say goodbye,but never tell me "Adios"

   I'm already in the train to Bucharest. It's such a sad feeling the one I get when leaving a place I love... It's the 1st time in a long period when I don't feel like leaving. I have about 8 hours of travelling by train from Timisoara to Bucharest ahead... I used to think that I can't stay in the same place more than two weeks- well,now- I wish it would be possible,but what to do- I need to play chess-it's my drug. I used to think that it's a boring life the one in which you stay in a city and you go to your job every day. I guess I was very wrong- everything depends on the people who surround you.
   Sometimes I wish I would be normal-but normality isn't for me, it's the only thing I never had and I'll never have.
   So,for now, I say goodbye to everyone,though it makes a tear to flow on my cheek, but it's not a tear of sorrow-it's one that says "I'll be back"...
   "Happiness is something that no one achieves, but looking for it is worth running the whole life!"

No "Adios",simply goodbye! :)

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