Friday, 12 October 2012

Apetite for loneliness

   I am a person who doesn't mind being lonely, I even enjoy it. I don't know how it comes, but I really like having my own space-a space only for myself and my thoughts (well,there's surely some space for coffee too ;)) I like sitting with my headphones on,with a cup of tea or coffee and thinking of different things... I'm not really the "pack" kind, though I'm not an introvertite person either.
   Loneliness- it can both kill and inspire. I know there are persons who simply can't stand being alone, usually these persons are afraid to be left face to face with their thoughts and conscience,so they preffer to go out, to have company all the time. I'm not saying that it's better to face your conscience daily, I think I'd become like Hesse's main character from  "Steppenwolf" if so- on the edge of lossing my desire to live.
   On the other hand, people who'd rather be alone than go out with friends are usually being tagged as "antisocial", "weird", "crazy"... It might sound somehow narcissistic,but there are times when you prefer your own company than the one of some friend. 
   When being alone, one can understand himself better and it can lead to some revelations. One can understand what he makes wrong and what he's got to do in order to achieve what he wants. It's the basic principle of many religions- one should go away from the world in order to understand it better.
   The conclusion is not to be afraid to be left alone- maybe, in time, you'll thank the persons who did it ;)

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