Monday, 1 October 2012


   I have just read an interview of Garry Kasparov,where he said that it's possible to be a very good chess player only when chess=life. Hanging out during tournaments,having all kind of worries-it's not proffessional. I think he's completely right,if to analyse my best and my worst results so far, I had my best results when being totally focused on chess,not thinking about exams,men or anything else. It's really difficult to be like this when you have so many temptations. I mean that it's almost impossible to say "no" to a friend whom you haven't seen for months when he asks you to hang out. Maybe the solution is to have more "not chess players friends",so not to have with whom to hang out during tournaments,but come on, how's that possible? There must be some balance I guess,not no get too distracted and in the same time not to go all mad about chess ;) I want to be still sane in 20 years :P


  1. Poate ca intr-adevar Kasparov are dreptate, si ce spui tu o confirma. Dar.... oare merita sacrificate toate celelalte aspecte ale unui turneu (prietenii, iesiri, reintalniri cu colegi) pentru unele rezultate mai bune---ipotetice pana la urma (pt. ca nu e sigur si clar ca daca renunti la tot, in mod necesar vei avea rezultate clar superioare)?? Cred ca raspunsul sta in gasirea unui echilibru... dar care pare adesea greu de atins.

  2. ...cred ca totul este o problema de perspectiva, Irina! Imagineaza -ti in momentele tale de indoiala si intrebari ce vei regreta peste 20 de ani:momentele pierdute ce ai fi putut sa le petreci cu prietenii sau un rezultat in sah sau in ceea ce iti doresti sa faci pe masura potentialului si talentului tau si mai ales al visului tau ...toti traim sub acelasi cer avem doar orizonturi diferite ...

    1. Da...Pur si simplu cateodata le vrei pe toate si in acelasi moment, probabil trebuie de setat clar prioritatile... :)