Monday, 8 October 2012

7 hours Meditation

   I do the Bucharest-Iasi trip very often lately and usually by bus. That's what I'm doing right now too...
   What to do during such a trip? I like to put my huuge headphones,to listen to some Santana's hits and to think about life,to make plans,sometimes to fall asleep :))) Actually, these trips are very productive- I've got some interesting revelations during them.
   Yesterday night was veeeery fun! My teammates (Adriana Nikolova,Lyubka Genova and Deimante Daulyte) were karaoke-ing :))) "Lady in red", Layla", "Roxane", With or withou you"- it was really fun!

Can't wait to arrive to Iasi! Until then,
Back to Santana! ;)

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