Sunday, 14 October 2012


   My day has started awesome today! Though I slept only 5 hours, I woke up in very good spirits! I went to the University and after 2 hours of Introduction in Microeconomics- I decided to skip the rest :))) It felt really good to walk out of the building and not to have  to listen to the proffessor who was reading right from the course-book.
   I took a bus home, but decided to enter a book shop first ( I took a coffee to go on the way there) and I got lost for about an hour! It's such a nice feeling to go through the shop,to look at different books,to carefully choose which one to buy... At the end,I took 3 books- Ch.Dickens "A tale of two cities", Vl.Nabokov "King, Queen, Knave" and Nietzsche's " So spoke Zarathustra". I'm really curious about the last book,many say Nietzsche's a great philosopher, so I can't wait to check it on my own! I've spent a quite big ammount of money on them, but I think that investing money in yourself- esspecially in your knowledge-can't be bad at all.
   Wish you all a nice day- I'll go for my Nietzsche book! :)

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  1. Good choice to go out from the class---I mean, I completely disagree with professors reading straight from the book, this is something that anyone can do on its own. For the rest, good choice of the books! I think you'll enjoy Nietzsche's, but I'm curious to hear how do you find it!