Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Ego,nice to meet you too!

    The "ego" matter has always been very interesting for me.
    I was acused to be too arrogant, too unconfident, too talkative, antisocial and the list can go on. It was mostly surprising to find out all these things about myself and I somehow tried to defend,telling them that they're wrong, but I've understood that they're not, it's the way I serve myself to different kind of people. I want to seem very confident with someone and I end up being arrogant, I want to seem cool with others and I end up being too talkative, I want to make someone to be interested in me and I'm tagged as "antisocial", I don't want to seem arrogant and they call me unconfident... My ego used to suffer from this. I felt like no one liked me the way I was,but how could they if they didn't know the real me- a bit arrogant,but very sensible, very social,but with some "trust" issues, very carrying-but never adimitting this,determined but in the same time a bit lazy, passionate but poker-faced... It's actually a little scary to put it all here,but why not? Those who don't like what's written up there won't have to guess if it's true or not,I will not have to act like I'm "the girl". I hate hypocrisy the most of all! Why to act in a way with someone,in other way with someone else?Because you want to end up not knowing who you really are? We should step on our "ego's" time to time and admit that we're far from being perfect-which doesn't make us  less-appealing persons. Being far from  perfection and still having so many persons discussing you only shows your potential. Would it be interesting if we would all be perfect? What would we strive to? 
   That's why my Ego won't suffer anymore if one calls me arrogant,bitchy,unscrupulous or so on, it would be under the ground if I would call myself this way.


  1. "On ne réussit qu'en étant soi-même, pas en imitant les autres." Dominique Glocheux (1962). Ecrivain