Friday, 5 October 2012

The coffee era

   I don't know what would I do if there didn't exist coffee,perhaps I would be a fan of tea :P ...
   We went for a walk in Mainz, and it was soooooooo cold, I felt like an eskimo :)))
Freezing with my teammate-Adriana Nikolova (yeah,that was before the cappuccino ;)))

 The cappuccino we drank was our hero, it was so nice-feeling first the smell of the cinnamon,then tasting the milk foam,then feeling the liquid passing through my throat to the stomach... Mmm... I don't know what I like more in the proccess of drinking coffee-the ritual itself or the taste.
   Every time I come to Germany for the Bundesliga, I have such a nice time-what can be better than relaxing,chatting with friends, playing some games and moreover getting paid for it!
   We have the frst game tomorrow,at 2 pm,we're playing against Baden-Baden. I still don't know who's my opponent, I guess I'll just see tomorrow. Anyways,it will be a tough match, Baden-Baden is the strongest team in the league- they have such players as Muzychuk Anna,Cmylite Victoria, Zatonskikh Anna and so on.
   Well,so returning to "the walk part". There must have been some kind of celebration in Mainz, or maybe it was just a market day,because when walking through the downtown, we saw a lot of stands with traditional food and different kinds of flowers.

There was also a very funny hen :)) You can see it by yourself :

Ok,so,let's hope that the hen was lucky and we'll win tomorrow!

xoxo from Mainz ;)

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