Sunday, 7 October 2012

Amazing weekend in Germany!

   It's been a really nice end of a week! I made 1,5p out of 2p and raised my  Elo with about 5 points.The team lost the 1st match against "Baden-Baden" with a minimal 2,5-3,5 score,but we won the 2nd match with a 4-2 score :)
   We visited a lot of cities-Wiesbaden,Karlsruhe, Heidelberg,Mainz... I enjoy myself every time when I come to Germany for Bundesliga. It's a really nice atmosphere and our team is sooooooooo cool! (Love u girls!!! ;)) We lough aaaaaaaall the time! By the way,from spending so much time with Adriana and Lyubka-my English got a Bulgarian accent,so don't be surprised if u here some "Good morrrrrrning" from me  :))))
   Here are some photos:
From left to right: Lena Levushkina,Melanie Ohme,me,Adriana Nikolova,Lyubka Genova,Deimante Daulyte

Anna Zatonskhih (left) vs Cristina Foisor

Wagener Ana (ex.Susterman-on left) vs Melanie Ohme

Visiting Heidelberg

300 steps on 15cm heels-that was a challenge!

Hm...What to choose? (Hunger Games II-friends know :)))

   xoxo from Wiesbaden :)