Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

     I would like to wish all my friends and readers a wonderful Christmas! Let today's magic make you a little bit kinder and a little bit happier!
     I have always associated Christmas with a big family dinner and lots of snow outside. Unfortunately, it's not what it will be about this year. As my beloved sister is playing in Al-Ain now and there's absolutely no clue of snow outside, I guess that this year Christmas will not be really Christmas for me.
     I haven't written in a while, as I am home and I felt I needed some peace.
     There are no tournaments in the near future for me, I'll be inactive until the middle of February, or maybe even until March, not sure yet. I'm taking some time for myself until then :)
     Anyways, I wish you all have a nice day with your friends and family!

P.S. Good luck sis'! I really miss you! Hope you'll have a nice 30 ºC degrees Christmas in Emirates :D
In the spirit of 30 ºC :D

xoxo from Chisinau!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


     Here I am back in Iasi.
     It's a bit strange- after these days I spent in London, being back to my routine. I somehow got used to seeing all those nice buildings, streets, parks. I liked walking my way to the playing hall and having all the stars of the Chess World playing some meters away from me. I saw a different World, I mean, I always knew it existed, but being a part of it for some time made me realize that, indeed, there are things that you may never have.

     I had a terrible tournament, but London has been an experience that changed me somehow- I think that it triggered something and I have the feeling that changes are to follow.
     We always say "I want this...", "I'd like that...", but it's not always we take action in these directions. Well, I think it's the time for me to do something and make all I want happen.

Thank you, London- you're indeed a great city!

xoxo from Iasi :)

Friday, 13 December 2013

And the rain came

     After a few sunny days in London, the rainy days are back, bringing clouds not only on the sky but also in my tournament situation.
     I am on a disappointing "-1" after 7 games, and with only 3 more rounds to go.The tournament did go definetely not as planned. Well, but what to do? The life goes on and I guess that it's not the last tournament when such unfortunate "moves" happen...
     I still have a few more days in London and I hope to take the best out of them.
     The positive thing is that I passed all the partial exams for my University so far, one more to go the day after tomorrow- the last one.

Wish you all a sunny weekend- if not outdoors- at least in your hearts!

xoxo from London!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Squirrels attacking

     Half of the tournament has already passed in no time...
     We had a double round yesterday, in which I scored just 1p, losing the morning round. I am on 50 % now- a modest result which I hope to improve in the second part of the tournament.
      Here you can follow the results:

1IM Ciuksyte, Dagne4.0ENGF23452481+0.831½11½
2IM Bulmaga, Irina2.5ROUF23962230-1.050½101
3WIM Foisor, Mihaela-Veronica2.5ROUF22162344+0.67110½
4WGM Nadig, Kruttika2.5INDF21272284+1.000½½1½
5WIM Fuchs, Judith2.0GERF23372249-0.451½½0
6WFM Hegarty, Sarah N0.5ENGF21271918-1.000000½

     Unfortunately, there's no life broadcast of the games, but it's possible to download them in ".pgn" format from the home page of the tournament.

     There's a lot of interesting stuff going on at the London Chess Classic Festival. 
     A rapid super tournament starts today, where stars like Vladimir Kramnik, Hikaru Nakamura, Vishy Anand, Boris Gelfand, Fabiano Caruana, Judit Polgar, Nigel Short and others will play. The interesting thing about it is that the first 2 players leading the Open tournament after 4 rounds have qualified to this star tourn as well; they are Andrei Istratescu and Emil Sutovsky.

Wednesday 11th December
   Round 1   
Group A
Luke McShane-Vishy AnandAndrei Istratescu-Michael Adams
Group B
Vladimir Kramnik-Peter SvidlerJonathan Rowson-Matthew Sadler
Group C
Boris Gelfand-Judit PolgarGawain Jones-Hikaru Nakamura
Group D
Nigel Short-David HowellFabiano Caruana-Emil Sutovsky
   Round 2

Group A
Vishy Anand-Michael AdamsLuke McShane-Andrei Istratescu
Group B
Peter Svidler-Matthew SadlerVladimir Kramnik-Jonathan Rowson
Group C
Judit Polgar-Hikaru NakamuraBoris Gelfand-Gawain Jones
Group D
David Howell-Emil SutovskyNigel Short-Fabiano Caruana
Andrei Istratescu, qualified to the Top 16 tournament thanks to scoring 4p/4 in the Open section
1GM Istratescu, Andrei4.0FRAM26703123+0.691111
2GM Sutovsky, Emil4.0ISRM26573101+0.641111
3GM Grachev, Boris3.5RUSM26692666-0.0111½1
4GM Iordachescu, Viorel3.5MDAM26142681+0.2411½1
5GM Hammer, Jon Ludvig3.5NORM26122665+0.18111½
6GM Brunello, Sabino3.5ITAM26032651+0.1711½1
7IM Bok, Benjamin3.5NEDM25402614+0.27111½
8IM Semcesen, Daniel3.5SWEM24882578+0.3411½1
9IM Cox, John J3.5ENGM23822968+1.03111=
10IM Slavin, Alexey3.5RUSM23632650+1.35111½

     I wish Andrei success and let's hope for some amazing chess! You can follow the games and the live stream here:

    As about me, I am having some quality time in London and yesterday I finally managed to play a good game. You can see it here:

    Here are some photos taken from the last couple of days:

Squirrels attacking people :)))

The mighty pelicans

The beautiful "Hyde Park"

     Keep tuned for updates!

xoxo from London! ;)

Sunday, 8 December 2013


     And here I am- in London!
     It is amazing to be here- it feels like I'm in center of the World ;) London has been very nice to me so far- already for 2 days here and no rain at all :))) - lucky me :P
     The tournament is organized on a very high level and there is nothing to complain about (well, except my yesterday's blunders). I hope to have something better to write about regarding my chess next days. Until then- here are some photos from my today's walk to the Hammersmith Bridge:

xoxo from London ;)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

All I want for December

     The last month of the calendar has started with... the Rapid, Blitz and Solving Women National Championship, which took place in Iasi. I took all the collection of medals: a gold, a silver and a bronze ( 1st at solving, 2nd at rapid and 3rd at blitz).
     It was a really nice weekend, which I spent playing chess and hanging out with friends in the meantime.

Roxana Anton, Ioana Gelip, Raluca Sgircea and me (from right to left)

With a good friend- Roxana Anton

At the solving championship

With Raluca Sgircea :)

The diet died in that weekend for an undefined time :P

With Raluca Sgircea and Roxana Anton

Almost happy ;)
     I will leave for London tomorrow and the tournament will start the day after tomorrow, with me playing vs Veronica Foisor- another friend :) It is funny how no matter in which corner of the World you go- a friend is always to be found there :P
     You can find the details of the tournament as well as the news about it on the official site of the event: It will be a double round-robin, which means that all play against all with both colours. Here is the list of players:

1. IM Irina Bulmaga- 2396
2. IM Dagne Ciuksyte- 2345
3. WIM Judith Fuchs- 2337
4. WIM Veronica Foisor- 2216
5. WFM Sarah Hegarty- 2127
6. WGM Kruttika Nadig- 2127

     I hope to enjoy the tournament and London!

     Meanwhile, I will have to pass another partial exam for my University, tomorrow, from the airport :D So, I guess- back to studying!

Keep tuned for news and impressions from London! :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Great Magnus

     This article is dedicated to one of the greatest chess players of all the times- the nr.1 chess player in the World and the 16th World Chess Champion- Magnus Carlsen.

     I can't stop being amazed by Magnus- the opener of a new era in chess!
     He makes it all look possible- living a full life, enjoying it and being the best.

     Winning the match against Anand, Magnus has not proved anything that needed to be proved. We all respected his chess and admired his simple way of pulling the best out of any situation. I think that his chess clearly shows the primordial "surviving" skill of our averted ancestors. When watching his games, I somehow get the feeling of watching those documentaries about the primary human beings who strived to get to live a new day and who step by step evolved onto being a complex civilization.

     Saying that Magnus inspires is too little- he makes us rethink all we know about chess and, for me, about life approach too.
     I am grateful to have witnessed the phenomenon of Magnus Carlsen.

     Our generation might have a chance afterall, huh?

Monday, 25 November 2013

November Blitz

     Another month is ending and it's almost the end of the year...
     I have some 5 free days until the Romanian Rapid, Blitz and Solving Chess Championship which I will surely enjoy, as I've managed to pass my partial exams at University :) Then, London comes :D

     I think that it will be a vey nice tournament- I play in an WGM round-robin. I will be the 1st Elo ranked player, though it will be surely not that easy. I can't wait to wander on the London's streets making lots of photos!
     I've been in London earlier this year, but just for some 11 hours (I had a very bad flight connection while flying to Bangkok) in which I managed to see only the London Eye and the Big Ben...
     What else? My life isn't very full of activities while in Chisinau- it's more about solving not chess related problems and gaining forces for the next tournaments.
     I am going to watch "The Hunger Games-2" today- hope it will be at least not worse than the 1st one :))))

Have a nice week!

xoxo from Chisinau! ;)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Happy Dance

     These days since I've got home should have been "Heaven on Earth" and instead I've caught a cold and in the same time I have to study for exams day by day with my cold making a "happy dance" every time I don't understand something. Econometrics can be really tricky when you don't recall anything from the last year's course of Statistics... Well, I hope that I'll get through with it until tomorrow, when I have to submit the paper.
      I still haven't written anything on the Anand-Carlsen match. It is not as spectacular as I expected it to be. Carlsen has a clear edge and a +2 already, I don't see how anything can change- I guess that we'll have a new World Champion in some days.
     That's all for now... I'll return to my battle with my cold and with my one and true love "Econometrics" :))))
     Wish you all a healthy and nice end of week!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Back to life

     I am back in Chisinau. I arrived yesterday, at about 4pm and slept until today :))) Yeah, the tournament was really exhausting for me.
     We finished on the 12th place, while being 10th in the starting list. The result is far from being called a success, but if to think that with one more draw (if I would have made a draw) in the last round, we would have taken the 6th place, one could understand how tense was everything until the very last moment.
     I ended the tournament on 50 % (4,5p/9) and some -3 Elo points.
     The best result by far in our team showed Alina l'Ami, who was in a very good form! You can see the statisctics here:

  12. Romania (RtgAvg:2358, Captain: Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula / TB1: 10 / TB2: 175.5)
1IMBulmaga Irina2399ROU1001½01104.59236723674.54.83-0.3310-3.3
2WGML'ami Alina2361ROU½1½1½11½6.082298249164.551.451521.8
3IMFoisor Cristina-Adela2347ROU110½011½5.082247234254.810.19101.9
4WGMCosma Elena-Luminita2326ROU1½1½1½½5.072197235554.500.50105.0
5WGMVoicu-Jagodzinsky Carmen2275ROU1½0½2.042236223622.16-0.1615-2.4

     The tournament was won by the Ukraine's team, followed by the Russian and Polish ones.

Alina l'Ami, 6p/8

Luminita Cosma, 5p/7

Carmen Voicu-Jagodzinsky, 2p/4

Cristina Foisor, 5p/8

and me with 4,5p/9

     In the men's section, our team showed a great fighting spirit and finished on the 14th place, being 19th on the starting ranking list. Here are the statistics:

  14. ROMANIA (RtgAvg:2590, TB1: 10 / TB2: 159.5)
1GMLUPULESCU Constantin2630ROU01½½110½½05.092634267754.440.56105.6
2GMJIANU Vlad-Cristian2565ROU01½0½½01½4.082567256743.930.07100.7
3GMPARLIGRAS Mircea-Emilian2576ROU01½½½½½½1½5.59252326035.54.970.53105.3
4GMNEVEDNICHY Vladislav2590ROU01½110½½116.59251426806.55.141.361013.6
5GMSZABO Gergely-Andras-Gyula2548ROU0½0.51266600.50.340.16101.6
     Their best result in this tournament was the 2-2 with Ukraine! The next round they played against Russia and they were really close to a miracle, with Mircea Parligras and Vladislav Nevednichy pushing for a win. They lost the match eventually, but this didn't get them any lower in our eyes!

Mircea Parligras, 5,5p/9

Vladislav Nevednichy, 6,5p/9

Vlad Jianu, 4p/8

Constantin Lupulescu, 5p/9

and both our Captain and reserve player in the men's team- Gergely Szabo, whom we let to play only 1 game, in which he successfully made a draw vs the Ukraine's -Fedorchuk

     The tournament was won by the Azerbaijan team, followed by the French and Russian ones.
      I will stay home for now and learn for my partial exams at the University and try to pass them :D My next tournament will be the Romanian rapid, blitz and solving Women Championship, which will start at the beginning of December.

xoxo from Chisinau ;)