Sunday, 30 September 2012


   I don't feel anything anymore... You know,it's the feeling one gets after winning or losing something important.
   It's been a very tough day today.I was very determined to win and I've done everything for it- got a stable advantage from the opening with white,found the best plan to win and when I got the winning position,something weird happened. My mind started to make bad connections... The advantage slipped away and it was a perpetual on the board,but being a team championship,I had to risk,so the team could win... Unfortunately, it didn't go well and I started to lose control and I missed the draw in a rook ending. I understand that in an individual competition it wouldn't have happened,I would have simply gone for the perpetual... It's a bit frustrating,but what to do. The circumstances favored my opponent.
   I will return to Iasi tomorrow and then I'll play the Bundesliga (next week-end). My next tournament will be Cap d'Agde,from 27th of October to 4th of November. I will work on chess until then and I hope to have a good tournament there.
   I will miss Mamaia, I've had some really nice time here (if not to include the chess part,of which I'm dissapointed-mainly because today's game).
   Life is very interesting- you have to give something in order to get some other thing. You think you lose a thing, but you gain something else... Life can't be all bad or just wonderful. Life's a crossword that we all want to solve,but it never really matters if we succeed, the process of trying again and again,this is what really matters!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Lady in black

   We won 3-0 today! It always feels good to win,even if against not so strong opponents :)
   It was a very interesting day yesterday. I won my game easily because of my opponent's blundering a piece in the opening. But the interesting part is not about that-we went to play bowling in the evening with a lot of friends,the reason- bitrthday of Vlad Jianu- a strong GM and a very nice guy,to whom I wish lots of happiness and success! We had a lot of fun (esspecially when it was my turn to strike but instead, I was doing short castle after short castle-seems like I know the chess principles :))))) though everything goes with a price- I must have mixed a bit too much alcohol and my stomach wasn't happy at all about that :))) I had also to wear huuuge black sunglasses this morning ( I mean at lunch :)))) I was thinking that maybe it's not that good for my "good girl" reputation,but when to have fun if not at 18, right? So,I'm really happy that I won today,cause I was very worried that chess doesn't go along with hangovers... Of course I had to hide it under tones of make-up and to seem as serious about chess as I could-so I've also put a classic dress with high-heels.

 I was thinking that it's really important for a girl to look nice during a chess game,because it makes us much more confident and we play better. I was talking about it with a friend and he was telling me that men also play much better when they get lots of attention from women.

   So,the conclusion is to look as nice as possible at the chess board,to have tones of admirers and to kill the opponents!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


   Once more I got convinced that people have no principles. It is so dissapointing to see someone whom you admire acting as you'd never expect. Actually,everyone can be an ass, playing good chess, being a strong player only gives one additional excuses-"it's just relaxing","just trying to forget about my chess game"... I am afraid that I'm also getting too close to this vicious circle. I guess I should hang out more with my real, good friends...
   I wonder if this kind of people get the "bad karma" thing,because it seems that one is a jerk but he plays chess really well anyways. It's interesting what explanation can it be- "Karma doesn't exist?". If so, does it mean that none of the good things I do matter and being a bitch is the best option? I don't want to believe this. I prefer to suffer because people dissapoint me than not to care at all.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bitter simphony

   We got crashed yesterday... We kind of lost the chances for the gold medal and it was mostly my fault,as I  lost to a player with almost 200 Elo points less than me.It always leaves a bitter taste-lossing without getting to play. I think I underestimated my opponent-I had much more time and a playable position and I simply blundered an exchange. Well,it wasn't an obvious trick,but anyways,if I would have thought more before making the "18...Qe7??" move I think I would have seen it. I was trying to find a good part in what happened yesterday,but I couldn't, the only conlcusion to be made is the so well known: "Never underestimate your opponent".
   Tomorrow is a free day and I will try to play normally today,I think the rule that one should check if he doesn't lose anything in 2 moves before making a move will be my strategy today...

Monday, 24 September 2012

Romanian Superleague

   Here we are,at the Romanian Superleague...
   The weather was pretty awful the first 2 days-it was veeery cold and storming,but it's much better now :)
   Our team has already played with 2 strong teams and we won one and the other one we made a draw.There are only 8 teams playing,so we have 7 rounds and 2 free days.The first one will be after the 4th round and the other one will be after the 7th round.
   Mamaia is a nice ressort,though everything is closed in this time of the year.
   The atmosphere is nice. I was so happy to see Smaranda! We haven't seen each other for the whole summer!
   The tournaments in Romania are pretty fun,everyone knows each other,and there are a lot of friends...
   I will get back to my coffee now and I will prepare a bit afterwards...

   More photos will follow after the free day ;)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Autumn chess season opens ;)

   Here I am, again in Romania, trying to find some willpower for packing my still unpacked baggage :)
   I came to Chisinau after Olympiad,spent some time with my familly and got all the possible pity and care while lying in bed all the day long because of catching a very nasty flu (I heard a lot of players got it in Istanbul)... Speaking frankly-it was veeeery nice :))) Being a "wanna be" professional chess player involves doing everything by yourself-travelling alone,living alone for weeks,so I really enjoyed feeling a child again ;) I feel much better now,though I'm still on antibiotics...
   Now,talking about some news- I am officialy a student at Banks and Finances in Iasi,at the Ioan Cuza University (I've payed today the last tax). I'm studying on distance,so to have time for tournaments. I somehow can't believe that I'm already a student-the years have passed so quickly (the phrase my granny usses very often :))))) It's such a cliche,but that's how I feel. I remember myself graduating the 6th grade and thinking "God,it has been only a half, 6 more years to study!". I also remember that I was thinking that I'll get to 2400 before turning 18,that I will be playing on the 1st board for the Moldavian team,that,that,that... How many of these have come true?-Very few... So,that's the thing- we make so many plans,we imagine our lives in one,two or ten years but how much comes true? We never know how our lives will be like,so why to make plans? I guess it's just for feeling safe,it's our way of convincing ourselves that everything's going to be fine... Hm,somehow I got a bit away from what I wanted to say in the first place :)
   Now,getting back to the "news" topic, the Romanian Club Championship will start in 2 days,in Mamaia. I'm playing for "Politehnica Iasi" and my teammates are also my very good friends- Alina l'Ami and Smaranda Padurariu. I think the friendly and warm atmosphere in our team helped us to win this Championship last year,being only 3rd on the starting ranking list. We can't hope for anything less this year ;)
   It has been only 10 days since I left Istanbul and I already miss the "tournament atmosphere"-talking to your friends,analysing the games all together,making coffee for the whole team (yeah,it was my chore at the Olympiad,but it was a lucky one ;))), having long walks,gossiping :P , wanting so badly to win (!!!) ,or wanting someone else to lose (why not to admit it,everyone does :D ) I miss everything and I can't wait to get to Mamaia! I am not so sure about how I'll play,but I will feel GOOD for sure :)

  Gone to pack ;)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bact to life, back to reality

   Two weeks of emotions, fighting ,struggling  are over.
   I think that it was the best time I had in the last year and I’m not saying that because I was so happy or because someone made me so happy, but because for 2 weeks(!!!)  I was doing the things I like the most-I was playing chess, socializing with almost all my friends from all over the world, having fun at the parties! After such kind of tournaments I remember why I love chess the most-one tournament is a miniature of life- trying to do your best for obtaining smth ,being let down, being very disappointed of yourself, complaining of how unfair things are, being encouraged by someone, starting to win, feeling the confidence coming back, having a crush-winning even more games, then being either very happy or again disappointed- that’s how things happen at  a chess tournament- and after all- having a sorrow/celebrate party…
   Our team had a lucky strike in the last 3 rounds and beating Peru in the last round with 2,5-1,5 score we took the 5th place, qualifying for  the World Team Championship ,where only the best 10 teams in the World are allowed to play! It’s a very big achievement for us.

   As for me, I was broken after the first 3 rounds, scoring only 0.5 out of 3 and I want to thank our captain for believing in me  when even I didn’t  and let me play, so I could have an amazing come back, scoring 6.5 out of 7!
I am also grateful that I am so lucky to have such amazing teammates, who can always support me and make me  laugh!
   I am very happy to be a part of the Chess World and I’m looking forward to see you all at the next Olympiad, in Norway,2014!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Second free day at the 40th Olympiad

   What an amazing day has been today! Our both teams won! We won against Netherlands with a 3.5-0.5 score and the men's team won with 2.5-1.5 against France!!!
   I finally played a nice game against a strong opponent-Lanchava Tea! I think that the last round is going to be a very tough one,but after today's game,my confidence is back ;) After scoring 5,5 points out of 6 in the last games,I think I've recovered almost all my Elo points I've lost in the first three rounds :D

   Tomorrow is a free day,so we are going to celebrate tonight! Everyone will be going to this bar next to our hotel-"Choppers",so I guess it will be fun!
   I will share my impressions from tonight tomorrow (hopefully with some new photos too :))))

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Autumn at Olympiad

   The weather has become very unpredictable in Istanbul,one minute the sun is shinning,the other minute it becomes really cloudy. That's exactly the way I feel now. I am happy that there are 4 more days,but on the other side, the tournament will come to an end so soon and that'll mean that we have to leave...Everyone will have to return to their own lives and moreover,I will start my studies at the University,I will become a part of a world that doesn't really go along with chess... I won't see my friends from chess most probably until the next spring.
   Well,now trying to switch to the"sunny" mode,here's a photo from yesterday I've found myself tagged in :)

      I hope to take more photos on the next free day,on the 8th of September and the night before :D

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Three more rounds to go

   Our lucky race has ended today,as we lost against Armenia 3-1. We had won 3 matches in a row before today,and we were quite determined to continue this way. Unfortunatelly,we couldn't make it happen,we had some chances during the match,but Caissa seemed to turn her back to us...
   I didn't play my best today and I had to fight hard for a draw-I'm happy I managed to hold it.
   Three more rounds are left-the most important ones.I wrote that I believed we had chances for the Top5,well,I don't see it happening now-none of us is playing at her best. We are all trying,but for different reasons,it doesn't work.
   I just hope to play some good games and to finish the tournament on a decent place.
   Some conclusions should definetely be made after this tournament,but I'll have a lot of time to think about it later...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Free day in Istanbul!

   Here I am,in Istanbul,wanting to share my impressions from the yesterday's Bermuda Party.
   It was really amazing to see all my friends having fun! Everyone came,some to celebrate their wins,others to forget their losses (thx God,I was in the first category)))) The music was really nice and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I was kind of dissapointed when I enetered because the place was soooo huge and there were too many unknown people and I felt a bit overwhelmed,not finding anyone whom I knew. But after the first drink (some red wine-actually not bad at all) things got better! I went to the dance floor (who cares about me wearing  some 20 cm heels??? :P) and we DANCED :))) It was really much fun-chess players definetely know how to party! I started seeing a lot of known faces around,we talked,gossiped,had some shots,danced again. The party finished at about 4 am... (I don't know how I can still walk:))))
   I feel so charged with positive energy that the World seems to be at my feet! (maybe the caramel frappuccino I'm drinking now is responsible for that :D)
   So,on this positive thought I will continue my frappuccino,letting you wish you were here the last night at Bermuda!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bermuda Party

   It's been an amazing day today-one still to continue! Our both teams won with 4-0!
   Tonight is the traditional Olympiad party-Bermuda,actually it has already started,but we'll be fashionably late :)))
   Tomorrow is a free day,so we'll have a sight-seeing/ shopping day! It feels so nice to finally win a game-I hope to maintain this feeling for the rest of the tournament!
   I will keep you updated with the the impressions from Bermuda!