Saturday, 30 July 2016

Zorba's World

     It is difficult to start this post, as there are too little words in order to describe the past three weeks... I am so happy that I had had this fantastic inspiration and I chose to play this summer in Greece!
     I will dedicate this whole post to the first tournament I played on Crete- the "5th Anogia International Tournament Idaion Andron".
     It is funny that just before coming there I read the book "Zorba the Greek" and I have truly savored it! I liked so much how Zorba would find happiness in every little thing and I was dreaming that my trip to Crete would be about the same thing. So it was!
     When landing in Heraklion I was already feeling like I'm in some other World- the breeze was whispering me that it will be an unforgettable experience!
     The organizer was waiting for us with a wide smile on his face and his first words were "This will be the best tournament in your life!" He had a little of Zorba's character as well- such a positive and kind person- actually all the people I met in Anogia (a 2000 people village in the heart of Crete) were like this! He took us to the taverna in which we have eaten for the whole tournament- a very cozy place owned by a local family. We have had the most fantastic meals ever there! Home made lamb,goat, all kind of cheeses (the best I've tried so far), amazing wine and rakia- all hand made there! I felt like all I dreamed when reading the book actually came true!
     The room I got had a stunning view as well- I could see eagles flying over my head- it was breathtaking!
     The tournament was organized very well- there were 20 (!) live boards and we had Cretan treats and water in the playing hall. I don't see how the organizers could have done a better job!
     I am so grateful that I had this amazing experience and I will surely come back to this Heaven!
     Here is the link where you can see the results:
     & here are some photo impressions:

 More to follow on the next places I've visited soon!

xoxo from Greece ;)