Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stormy Me

     No posts since European... How so? Well, something must have gone wrong,or not really- just VACATION! :D
     Many things happened since Plovdiv, including my wining of 67 euros because of sharing the 20th place there :))) It was a normal tournament which could have gone much better if not the few missed opportunities. The Olympiad follows soon, starting from the 2nd of August and I have no idea what to expect considering all these crazy stuff with organization going on. Well, there's still enough time to worry about it, but for now- better to focus on my little escape to Thasos :)

     10 hours of traveling from Plovdiv to Kavala, 1 hour trip on a ferry and here it is- the perfect place for relaxation. Well, as perfect as it is, it won't be normal if there were no storms and rain and not just in the proper meaning.
     I don't know what it is that got me very melancholic- the rain, the storming sea, the strange Marquez's book or the stormy me :)
      It's too bad to understand that there's no magic in the real World and once closing the book you just take on your common life from the place you left it...

xoxo from Thasos ;)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bitter ladies

     Warning!!! Regardless of the title, this post is about lemonade :P
     After my last post I've managed to score only 0,5p/3. The logic of a normal superstitious woman chess player would tell that posting anything else would be insane,but I have always thought that what is not normal is good, so here it is- a new post from Plovdiv.
     Four rounds have passed in no time at all and though I have not so many points, I have a fantastic time here and lots of energy and inspiration that still wait to be directed to the right point.
     I will not speak much about the mistakes I've made during the games, let's say it was just bad luck. The only decision I regret so far is that a waiter convinced me to take lemonade instead of the desired ice coffee- that's where my bad decisions for today have started (maybe it was the same waiter's fault that I sacrificed a bunch of pieces today).
     So, from now on- no more lemonades- cause no one likes bitter ladies, just coffees and the points will start to come :D

xoxo from Plovdiv ;)

Monday, 7 July 2014


     Here it is, another European Championship- this time in Plovdiv.
     Somehow, I think that I fully understand the time passing only by another Europeans coming... Last year-Belgrad, 2012-Turkey and so on. What is it different about this European Ch? I am not sure that there is anything new about any of them at all. I mean- you just play chess and the best ones qualify to the World Cup and that's all.
     I like playing in Plovdiv, have been here another 2 times and really enjoyed my time :) It is a very pleasant city to take walks in and also for shopping :D These Bulgarian manufactured shoes and bags are just wallet killers :P
     As about the tournament itself, here is the official page:  and here you can follow the results:
     Some photos from my yesterday's walk:

xoxo from Plovdiv ;)