Saturday, 11 July 2015

Call of the Alpes

     My chess summer has begun and what better place for it to begin than in France!
     It is really nice here, in Vaujany, surrounded by mounatains and waterfalls. One can wish for nothing else, it is the perfect spot for a chess tournament!
     Many Romanians have come here, I don't know if it's about some "Call of the Alpes", or maybe it's just us trying to escape from the super hot Romanian summer, anyways it feels just fantastic to be here!

The playing hall

      Moreover, I have rediscovered an old passion of mine- ping-pong. That's the best preparation for the games and the best way to relax after them ;)

Tough match vs IM Lucian Filip

     Here you can find the link for the tournament:

    Wish you all a fantastic summer, and stay tuned for more news from France!

     xoxo from Vaujany ;)