Thursday, 30 April 2015

Adrenaline Addict

     You make the 1st move, write it down with a trembling hand,waiting for your opponent's answer...

      I don't know for how many of you this feeling is familiar. I hope that it's not just me who has a fantastic adrenaline rush each time I play a game which I really want to win. Though I'm a quite calm person, the adrenaline pumping in my blood and making me shiver during a game isn't a thing I can control.
      This led me to the thought that I might be addicted to adrenaline. One might ask me if only playing chess gives me this rushes. Actually-no. I like driving on highways with 180 km/h with rock beats vibrating in the car. That's the main reason I don't want to get a driving license, don't want to call my friends and family asking them to stay home when I'm on the road :P
     So far, chess is the least dangerous way of getting adrenaline... Does it mean that I'm addicted? Might be true, though if it means playing chess all my life, doing the thing I love the most, it shouldn't be that bad, right?

xoxo from Iasi ;)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Orheiul Vechi
     There's a small country called Moldova which happens to be my homeland.
     Being a chess player, I've traveled a lot, have seen many interesting places all around the World. It's not only about discovering new cultures, it's also about finding new "my selves ".
     It's not a thing to brag with, but I've never visited the cultural sites of the country I come from. That's why I decided, having a few free days, to fill this gap.
     The famous natural, archeological and turistic complex "Orheiul Vechi" was the first one on my list. The place has a very interesting history which dates from as early as the 10th century BC. You can find out more about this here: Another interesting thing about this place are the cave monasteries- places of cult from the early stages of Christianity. You can spot them in the next photo:
Cave Monasteries

     Here are a few more photos with views from a traditional Moldavian village.

Martins nests

Traditional Moldavian house

     Next to follow was the beautiful "Curchi Monastery". This place induced me into such a peaceful state that I thought that it would be great to retreat there for a week or two with a suitcase full of books!

     Though living in Romania, it is a great pleasure for me to return from time to time to Moldova and to remember where my roots come from!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dinero to Monsieur

Life can be quite curious                                                                 
Even close to mysterious.
A short subjective story,
No acquaintance's aleatory,
No mans knowledge's mandatory.

Fate or not
Cut a knot.
Met a guy,
Laughing sky...

Showed some proof
Under a lasting roof
That a "professeur
Avec un monsieur"
Pulling spoofs
Laugh at us, goofs.

"Nada dinero" to "monsieur",
No mark from "professeur".
"Dinero" to "monsieur"
"A" mark from "professeur".

Diploma's on the scope
Klutzes high hope.
"Dinero"to "monsiuer"
And him to "professeur".

The goofs stay goofs,
"Dinero" with "monsieur"
Excelling  "professeur".
Diploma and a robe
Student fulfills his high hope.

xoxo from Iasi ;)