Saturday, 26 November 2011


     I’ve been always wondering how is that to have a real friend and I feel so lucky that I had one. It’s when you share everything and you’re not afraid to tell the darkest of your secrets. You know you won’t be judged and you’d just be listened to. It’s when you can make an international call at 1 am just for crying out to your friend and both of you wouldn’t even think about that 10 euros that were spent on it. It’s when your first thought when you feel excited or depressed it to call your friend, it’s when you feel that together you’re undefeated and the whole World is at your feet.  It’s when you can’t stop to care about each other no matter what...
     It’s a once in a lifetime thing to have a real friend and it’s such a pity to throw this chance away. You are so different but you’ve got the same dreams and even when you think you’ve let this all go, you continue wondering how you’re friend’s doing. Real friendship is when you can’t stop loving even if you hate each other.