Sunday, 15 July 2018

July Reflections

Playing vs GM Fridman (blitz)
     While being home for a few days between tournaments I was thinking whether I am doing the right thing about choosing my summer tournaments...

     From one point of view, why not play a nice Open in a beautiful location by the sea (Sardinia, Corsica, Crete), trying to combine chess & vacation, from another point of view- is it really the way to prepare for the serious upcoming autumn tournaments?

     In the first scenario (the one I am following atm) it is quite difficult to stay 100% focused on chess as there are a lot of distractions- going to the seaside for 1-2 hours, then feeling sleepy for another 2-3 hours, then the game is coming up with no real desire for any serious preparation... Of course, the opponents might feel the same way, but if it's not the case then I might get into some serious trouble. In the end, the result might be somehow medium or more or less satisfying, but the feeling left is that I could have done more.
    Though, let's not forget about the advantage of the first scenario- not stressing at all, as there's no pressure about the result, getting a nice tan (!) and an all in all improvement of health after the nice swims in the salty water...

While taking a swim , Purtichju, Corsica

     On the other hand, if choosing a tournament in a less compelling location, I would be 100% focused on the games with the probability of my result to be better increasing substantially. Also, let's not forget about the financial part of the story- the better the result, the higher the income. Though, a bad game can ruin it all, increasing the stress level when realizing how much effort you have put into the preparation, how close you were to the desired result and yet how you have missed it...
Surrounded by dangerous kids in the Purtichju Open

     The 2nd scenario, sometimes with a happy end, sometimes not is how my year looks like from September to May, so maybe it is after all a good idea to take a break from it in summertime. On the other hand, what will be my playing form by the end of summer? Will the "vacation-like" tournaments benefit to my brain or send it to a limitless vacation?

     Not having a real answer for all these questions, I'm heading to my next tournament in a few days. It will take place on yet another island- Crete, a place very close to my heart for a lot of various reasons. Let's see how it will go and if any of my questions will get an answer...

Corsican Sky
     On a positive note, may your mood be as serene as the Corsican sky!