Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Eclectic Novi Sad

     Inspiration has struck me once again, at almost a month since my last post! The reason might be the fantastic atmosphere that reigns in Novi Sad.
     I am playing in the Serbian Open Chess Championship
(you can follow the results here: http://chess-results.com/tnr240163.aspx?lan=1 ) which is held in the same time with a major event- the European Club Cup. Three rounds have passed and I'm on 2p/3 after yesterdays' double round. The rounds start at 5 pm, so people would have time to visit the venue of the upper mentioned Club Cup, where the rounds start at 3pm. Despite this, I haven't had time for it so far. I hope to stop by in the next days...
     Novi Sad is a very interesting city. I stay quite close to the city center and I am having a blast taking long walks through it. I think I'm walking at least 5 km a day :)) The architecture is really impressive though it is a quite small city... There are many, many nice & cosy cafes and restaurants, many shops...
     I have also visited the Chess Club of Novi Sad in the first day. Anyone can come and play some blitz games there while having a drink. I was impressed by how many people where there that evening... It was a really nice atmosphere. I have always dreamed of being able to come to a such kind of place with my friends and analyze some variations, play some games... That would be a fantastic way of spending evenings for me!
     It is the 3rd or maybe 4th time I visit Serbia and I have never been disappointed! People are great here, the food is nice and the city is eclectic!
     I just hope that my chess will be able to keep the pace!
     Here are some photo impressions:

xoxo from Novi Sad! :)