Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What about ear piercings?

     I've been thinking so much about an ear piercing the last few days... So,today,I entered a beauty saloon very determined to get it! But,surprise- " we don't offer these kind of services,but you can try going to a hospital if you're not able to make it by yourself" answered miss "Barbie", from the reception. WTF???? Ok,breath Irina,just keep breathing... And Irina went out that saloon without any incidents. Ok.What to do? I still want that ear piercing. Well,I got home and decided that maybe I should really try to make it by myself. It was proved to be a wrong decision. I got nothing but a red ear and a terrible ear ache.
    And here the smart Irina wakes up! Oh,maybe I should google it and see if making an ear pearcing by myself isn't dangerous ( you know,an infection or anything else ...). The first picture I found on google was disgusting! Then,I did some reading on the theme: "dangers of ear piercings".As a result, I got totaly scared! So,now, I keep doing all kind of desinfectioning things.
  The funny thing is that I could just buy a magnetic pierce and be happy without doing all this crazy stuff....
   Well,I hope I will have my ear healed soon and here is my advice: Don't try to make a piercing by yourself,just go to a specialist,or,even better- buy  a magnetic pierce!
    Now,nothing else can be done but keeping your fingers crossed for my ear healing!