19th of July 2019

     My  year is usually divided in two parts- the summer part and the 'waiting for the summer' one.
This year is no exception, only that I've decided to play as little as possible in my beloved season and focus on gaining energy for the 'waiting for the summer part' which will be a very busy one tournament wise. As a professional chess player, I couldn't take a full 3 months break of course, but I've managed to at least reduce my playing in June + July  to just (?) 16 classical games.
     As about the days I spent elsewhere than at a chess board, I can declare myself content!
     I have visited the beautiful Hydra island in Greece. I was not sure what to expect, as I didn't do too much research before choosing to go there, but it proved to be a blessing! There were a few things I liked the most about Hydra. First- there were no cars at all on the island, one could either walk or take a boat, or a mule! Second, there were nice pebble beaches, but all not so easy to reach, which meant good physical exercise on daily bases was required and third, it was not overcrowded by tourists and it was actually possible to find a quite place, just for yourself...
     The Greek League followed then, where I played well, scoring 6,5p/7 and winning the women's board.
     I must admit that I feel very well every time I visit Greece, no matter of my result, though playing well definitely enhances the overall feeling.
     A trip to Crete came next and I am soon heading to Turkey for the other 9 classical games which are eagerly waiting for me :D Even though we're only halfway gone through this summer, my 'waiting for the (next) summer' part of the year officially starts again, with one tournament coming after another until... indefinite times :)
    Farewell, summer 2019!

    31st of March 2015, Chisinau
Enjoying a walk in the beautiful "Valea Morilor Park"

    A beautiful weekend is behind!
    I was off to Leipzig where I played 2 games for my team in the Bundesliga- SK Schwäbisch Hall. I won my both games and I had a really nice time, as usual. You can track the results here: http://nsv-online.de/ligen/fbl-1415/?mannschaft=3672 I can call myself a team player and I appreciate the chance of being around such wonderful ladies and strong players! I said that team spirit is an important ingredient in one's team path to success many times and I'm happy that we've got it!
With my dear sister, Elena
     Moreover, my sister came home from UK. I love the ones who invented Spring Breaks! :D 
     I have a great time following the games from the Women's World Championship as well. They've already reached the Semifinals, with the tie-breaks to be disputed today. I don't cheer for anyone particularly, though I am really impressed by the chess that Pia Cramling shows!

      All in all, I foresee a great week, with not many worries and a lot of nice time following this great chess performance and catching up with my (already not so little) sister.

xoxo from Chisinau ;)

    12 March 2015, Iasi

     I miss playing chess so much... That's what I feel after barely one week after my last game. Of course, Cappelle was nice, but I had just started to get in taste of playing when it finished. I miss summer and though it might sound like a "summertime sadness" cliche, I miss it because of the non-stop playing chess tournaments, not because of weather or whatever...
     Some people must have misunderstood me, as they congratulated me with graduating, can't argue that it would be really nice, but that will happen only in summer- one more semester to go- the last one. I think of the moment of holding my diploma as about the time of regaining my freedom :)) Can't wait to stop checking my courses and exams calendar when getting an invitation to a tournament! The only dark part of the coin is that I'll stop having excuses for myself, though the hope is that I won't be in need of any by that time.
     On this very positive note, I wish you all good night and a lucky Friday 13th!

xoxo from Iasi ;)

     27 November 2014, Baia Mare

     The King's Tournament ended and I am  happy that I could have this experience.
With GM Dorian Rogozenco, enjoying yet another chess joke :D
     It is difficult to pass the whole atmosphere of the event through words, but even I felt a lot of pressure and I feel as tired as a worker of a coal mine, though I did not do too many things there. Loving chess so much and having my friends playing there made me suffer with them through each and every game and I can't stop admiring them for the great fighting spirit and for the strive to win even after 2 losses.
     As about China's team, I guess they just did what they were trained to do their whole lives-prepare, work hard, be calm and squeeze as much as possible - and here's the result.
     I had a new experience in Medias- I tried myself in the role of a commentator, joining on his job Dorian Rogozenco and it was great! I learned many new things and I have proved to myself one more time that even the best in the World make mistakes.
     I am in Baia Mare now, having some rest before tomorrow's start of the Rapid, Blitz and Solving National Championship. I hope for some good chess and I can't wait to try myself behind the board rather than behind the screen :)

xoxo from Baia Mare ;)

     22nd of November 2014, somewhere in a train

     Here I am, on a train to Medias, trying to process what happened in the last few days.
     I was really busy with my University, lots of projects, some work on my bachelor's degree, a new project of my own, many, many things :) One more partial exam to pass tomorrow (online) and I will finally put behind everything in order to focus on chess!
     It is really funny how I have the study materials with me, trying to read and understand everything for tomorrow's exam while I'm in a train :D It never happened before- a first once again!
     I am really excited about the following week! The Romania-China match promises to be very interesting and I can't wait to get to Medias in order to get into the chess atmosphere!
    The blitz tournament, which is a part of the event, is being played right now, in Bucharest and I am very curious about the final standings. Whilst, here you can follow the games: http://www.turneulregilor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=83&Itemid=101&lang=en
      The first round of the match will be already tomorrow and I will surely be there, taking photos, kibitzing the games, and maybe, if I'll be lucky- I could join the commentators.
     I already miss chess! Only a week has passed since the Romanian League finished and I just can't wait to have the chess board in front of me again! My next tournament will start on the 28th of November- the Romanian Blitz, Rapid and Solving Championship. I hope to find someone to play some blitz games with in Medias, in order to get in a good shape for the Championship!
     These being said, I'll get back to my studying and I'll try to enjoy my 12 hours trip by train!

xoxo from the middle of nowhere :D

     1 November 2014, Chisinau

     I am done with wearing masks!
     I've discovered that it's more difficult to be yourself but it's definitely more rewarding- knowing that you're liked (or not) because of who you really are. 
     Maybe it's only about me, but I remember I had a clear image of whom I wanted to behave like at 16, I remember me trying hard to be like the image designed in my head. People felt strange about it or, maybe, some of them even liked it, but it only depressed me, because they liked a "likeable" version of mine, one styled to be liked, thus proving me that I can't be myself.
     Many things have changed since then and I prefer being myself even when I'm sure I should make an effort to wear a mask. I prefer not to be liked because of who I am instead of being liked for something I'm not. It is a professional disadvantage, I am sure about it, but I am the one who creates myself, it's not an image that dictates me whom to be.
     I receive disapproving or even assaulting mails and comments from time to time and it makes me sad the moment I read them, but after a longer thought, it makes me feel proud- because no original man has ever been liked by everyone. It makes me think that maybe I have a chance to make a difference if someone is so outraged by who I am or what I think. At least, I give them constant material to think about...
     So, I wish you all to meet people and to have experiences that will encourage you to get rid of your collection of masks- one by one!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)


     26 Oct 2014, Frankfurt

     I have already got used to spending days in airports. It gets more and more comfortable (especially when flying with good companies, like Lufthansa, which provides free coffee in the waiting areas :).
     It is always easier to have a long trip home after a good tournament- remembering the nice times, the good games inspires to make plans for future.

     Many things are waiting to be done when I get back to Iasi, many of them concerning my duties as a student. The partial exams period approaches, so I will have to study a bit.
     Actually, there is not much time left until my next tournament as well- the Romanian Club Championship will begin soon- on the 8th of November. It is a very special tournament for me, as I meet there many friends from all over Romania and not only, whom I don't see so often. It is a tournament where I enjoy myself and there is always a good atmosphere for playing chess.
     These being said, I think I'll have a walk through the duty free- a girl has to make use of her recent prize :D , though there are 4 more hours to kill... I hope these devious shops will not bankrupt me :)))

xoxo from Frankfurt :)

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