Friday, 31 January 2014

Enjoy the silence

     There's not too much to be said...
      Just wish I had more days to remember about in silence...


Friday, 24 January 2014


     How to start better the day than with a big coffee and an omelette? Well, I have smth in mind, but better to keep it for another post ;)
     My last days can be characterized easily by: learning, eating, studying, coffee break, learning, sleeping and so on... There might be some more coffee breaks, but you've got the idea.
     I've never been so motivated to study and get good marks since I'm in University. My only goal used to be just to pass the exams, not putting to much effort into this. But guess what happened now- I got two "10"s (the maximum grade) at the first two exams, the "Business English" and "Communication and Negotiation in Business" (thing that never happened since I'm in University, I had 9.72 or 9.50 before) and I got very motivated to continue this way :D I guess that good results and successes stimulate one to want to achieve even more.
     I have the "Management" exam tomorrow, it is not as easy as I first imagined it to be, but I still have some time for revising. The exams keep getting more and more difficult, with the "Finances" and "Econometrics" ones to come. The last exam will be at "Organisational Behaviour", which is intend to be quite easy.
     I haven't played chess for more than one month- a thing that happens to me rarely, but I feel good this way. I will have plenty of time for chess after my session ends. It doesn't mean that I don't follow Wijk though :P It is nice to watch Aronian smashing more or less everyone!
     These being said, guess what- back to studying! :D

xoxo from Iasi ;)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Sport's Gala

     It was a very nice day yesterday!
     The day started not so great, with me having a terrible headache and not being able to get out of the bed, but it turned out that the day would get better and better with every hour that passed by. I took one of the numerous "wonder pills" that exist nowadays on the market and I felt better quite soon.
      I found out then that I took the highest possible mark- 10.00- at the 1st exam at Uni- the "Business English" one! You can't imagine how quick I forgot about the headache! :D
     I was called then and asked to take part at the Iasi Sport's Gala, at which I got the prize for "the best chess player of the city" and which was broadcasted on TV, I even had to give a short speech. The event was really cool, I met a lot of interesting people and old friends and I enjoyed myself there. Here's a photo from the event:

     The evening ended with a cocktail and some small chat in the beautiful building of the National Theatre.
     Well, these being said, have to get back to studying, as I have 4 more exams to pass in the following 10 days.

Will keep you updated!

xoxo from Iasi! ;)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Be a child!

     There's been not so much going on lately, but somehow there's still been a lot.
     I had my first exam during the first semester's session at univeristy yesterday- at English- the easiest one- the one meant to raise the moral, which it certainly did ;) There are five more exams to go. I feel confident about them, well, maybe not so confident about Econometrics, but still- expecting them with a lot of hope.          The session will finish on the 2nd of February, with a couple of weeks left until the Individual Europeans, which will be held in Yerevan and which will open the chess season for me.
     I have been a child today and I have really enjoyed it. It's a nice feeling- being taken care of and who can make it better than your own parents? Even though we can feel it less and less with the years that pass by and turn us into grown ups, parents never give up on being parents for their "already no so childish children". It may be annoying and generally, it is annoying, but from time to time it's just nice to enjoy it.
     As I read in a very interesting course- "Transactional Analysis", which is an Erice Berne's theory, every person has 3 models of behaving: the child's one (which is about emotions and feelings), the adult's one (which is about pragmatic thinking, logic and rationalising) and the parent's one (which is about morality).They normally succeed one after another multiple times a day in every human's being personality and they trigger certain behaviours.
     Well, today, I've been mostly on the "child mode", feeling lots of emotions and not censoring myself on expressing them. I felt like shouting at an asshole- which I successfully did, I felt like being helpless and I received a loving hug, I felt happy and gratefull and I don't hesitate a minute showing it here!
     Don't waste all your energy on trying to be an adult 24/7! It is very interesting and relieving to be a child!

xoxo from Iasi ;)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Apricot Cake

    Chess players are known for working on chess-solving positions, analysing endgames, improving their repertoire, finding all kind of novelties... Well, I make this category too, but that's not what's been special about today.
     An "Apricot cake" has added to my reptoire a few hours ago :D It's been very easy to be made and soooo tasty! Too bad that novelties don't come as easy as a cake recipe... Just imagine, while you mix the sugar with the eggs- a super novelty in the Poisoned Pawn Variation appears, while you add the flour and mix it in- a novelty in Sozin is discovered and until the cake is ready- a brand new opening approach is lying on a plate with an inviting smell ;)
     Well, as you picture it- I am at the "analyzing endgames" part, finding new ideas in the taste of the cake accompanied by some Earl Grey tea with milk... Here's the secret of getting better in chess ;)

xoxo from Chisinau :)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas-again Christmas

     Greatness is not to be proved- it is to be shown.
     I think that it's such an old-fashioned point of view- that one should always prove to someone that he's the best. One never becomes the best in something if he does it in order to prove something to someone. Great people are the best for themselves and their greatness is an inspiration, not smth that must be proved again and again.

     Well, I guess it's enough with  greatness for today. Few of us make this category and the lucky ones are an inspiration, but they don't necessarily make good persons or friends- the great ones have to pay with smth in order to maintain the balance in Universe. One can't have everything.
     It is "the old calendar" Christmas today, the one that is celebrated by Christians from the East of Europe, or from the so called "ex Union". It is funny that we celebrate Christmas twice in Moldova- on 25th and on 7th (this might be the reason I've started to run plenty kilometres distances again ;).
     These being said- the stuffed cabbage that make my granny greater and greater every Christmas is crying out for a jog! :D

P.S. Merry Christmas!

xoxo from Chisinau! ;)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

First Post

     Hello to everyone ( the first one in 2014 ;)!
     It's been one year since my last post! The last week has been very nice for me- I just relaxed and spent the last days of 2013 and the first ones from 2014 with the people who make me feel loved and happy :)
     I've decided that this year should be special, if I will succeed in this- time will show :P
     I hope that you didn't forget to make a brand new list of wishes for 2014- I really believe that sometimes it's enough to want something very badly in order for this to happen.
     All in all, I wish you a nice year, with lots of accomplishments and happy moments and may you have the inspiration to make the right choices!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)