Saturday, 25 October 2014

Et voila!

     A great tournament and a great experience has come to an end.
     I can't say without some sadness that I'll have to leave Cap d'Agde soon and leave this great place behind, though, not without some fantastic memories!
     I have had a really good tournament, scoring 6,5p/9, taking the 1st place in the women section and sharing the 6th in the main one. +15 Elo points are always welcome :D
     There is always place for better and I hope that I'll be able to win such a strong Open some day!
     I would also like to congratulate the winner of the tournament- Matthieu Cornette, who showed me no mercy in the 8th round and went on winning the tournament!
     Here you can find the final standings:

1 g CORNETTE Matthieu 2548 F

7 55½ 2634
2 g MAIOROV Nikita 2583 F

7 53½ 2583
3 g BAUER Christian 2637 F

7 53 2618
4 g DAVID Alberto 2569 F

7 51 2652
5 g KOVCHAN Alexander 2592 F

7 47½ 2491
6 g BANIKAS Hristos 2638 F

55½ 2610
7 g LALIC Bogdan 2450 F

53 2598
8 m VELTEN Paul 2436 F

53 2571
9 g PELLETIER Yannick 2574 F

53 2543
10 g NEVEDNICHY Vladislav 2568 F

53 2512
11 g PALAC Mladen 2561 F

51½ 2535
12 m BULMAGA Irina 2377 F

49½ 2503
13 g PETROV Marijan 2495 F

48½ 2491
14 f BUSCARA Sevan 2357 F

47 2433
15 m MILLIET Sophie 2379 F

46½ 2478
16 m MOUSSARD Jules 2417 F

44½ 2387
17 f FAVAREL Antoine 2372 F

44 2420
     I am very thankful to all those who've made this event possible and I will definitely return next year!
     Here's a glance at the amazing last few days I've had here:

     Et voila, au revoir Cap d'Agde!

xoxo from France ;)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Fast Thinker

     Days seem to pass quicker and more eventful in Cap d'Agde...

     Four rounds are already behind and I am satisfied with my 3,5p/4, though the quality of the games could have been better. The time control is a bit different from the one I'm used to- it's 90 minutes + 30s per move with no extra time after 40 moves, so many games are decided not only by the strength of the player but also by his ability to be a "fast thinker". Luckily, I have proved to be good at the later today :D
     There are many interesting encounters still being disputed and I am very curious whom I'm going to play against tomorrow. There is no live broadcast of the games unfortunately but you can check the results here:

     As about everything else, France keeps to be a welcoming host, spoiling us with a very nice weather and a really cool atmosphere for a chess tournament.
      I am really happy that I've decided to play here and I hope that my best chess is still ahead!

xoxo from Cap d'Agde ;)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

French Savours

     Bonsoir a tous!
     No, I haven't suddenly started to speak French, though I wouldn't mind it at all :D I am back to Cap d'Agde, a really nice Mediterranean resort where a great Chess Festival takes place. More than 500 participants is kind of impressing!
      I've been here in 2012 and I really liked it (despite of me being rubbed on the way from Toulouse to Agde :)))  The "Centre de Vacances" where the Festival takes place doesn't have many stars, but it has its own atmosphere- a very friendly and a very "French" one. I don't know how it comes, but every time I return here I feel different-more free, more dreamy, more melancholic...
     The thing I enjoy the most here is the very tasty food :D One shouldn't be a gourmet in order to appreciate the great variety of French savours. Many national dishes, lots of fruits and desserts, different kinds of "fromage", wines for any taste- in one word- "magnifique"!
     Forgive my describing the food, it's explained by the fact that I'm really hungry after a surprisingly difficult game which I've somehow managed to win. The first round is over and I feel like a lot of fight is ahead. We'll have a double round tomorrow and I hope to show some good chess. Follow the news and the results on the official site of the event:
     Here are some photos:

     Stay tuned for more impressions (I hope positive ones) the days after the double round!

xoxo from France ;)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Iasi 600 Simul

     It seems like summer is back in Iasi these days!
     Many, many interesting events are taking place during the "Days of Iasi Festival" here. One must take a walk down the Stefan cel Mare street in order to understand the great atmosphere of these "oh,so summerish" days of Autumn! You can check out the program of the events here:
     It felt great to be a part of the holidays! A big simul given on 600 boards by the best 20 sportsmen of Iasi was organized yesterday. It took place in front of the City Hall and it attracted lots of kids, chess lovers and just curious spectators. I think that it is a great way of making chess popular and I am grateful to the organizers- the "Iasi County Chess Association" for making this event possible! It is their tireless efforts that have put Iasi on the World Chess Map! Check the latest chess news from Iasi here:

     I played so many games yesterday, that I can't even count them. One kid was taking a sit after another, even arguing who's turn it is to play! It was a great joy being a part of it! Parents prompting moves to their children and when they didn't obey, just waiting for them to finish the game and then sitting themselves to play against me!
                                                              I don't know the final score, but I remember that I had to congratulate 2 of my opponents for beating me and another one for managing to make a draw. In my defense, they were far from being kids :D and I suspect them to be serious club players! Anyways- good for them- it is a pleasure to discover that there are a lot of people who love chess and are good at playing it!
     Once again, I would like to say a big thank you to the participants, organizers and to all the chess lovers! It is great to see kids being encouraged to play "the game of the wise"!


xoxo from Iasi ;)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Evolve and Adapt!

     I am in an a bit melancholic mood lately and with "lately" I mean the last 2 days, since the World Junior Chess Championship has started in Pune, India.
     This Championship was my most awaited tournament of the year in 2011,'12 and '13 and many hopes and dreams were linked to it. I guess that I can be called a "veteran" of this Championship, as I participated 4 times there, the first one being in 2005, when I was only 11 yo. I am a bit old for it now, but I am following it's games with great interest, as I know the competitiveness, the pressure and the great tension which rule there.
     Well, I guess it's enough about me, time never stays and one has to evolve and adapt in order to keep the pace with the running away time :D
      Romania is represented by Ioana Gelip in the Girls section and Bogdan Deac in the Open one. You can follow their results and games on the official site of the event: The games start every day at 2.30 pm local time (12 pm Romanian time).
     Thirteen rounds is a very, very long way to go and I wish our players best of luck, lots of inspiration and steel nerves!
Bogdan Deac
Ioana Gelip

     Keep your fingers crossed for them!

     P.S. A great encounter awaits for us on the first board of the Open section today, as Bogdan is facing the nr.1 favorite- Fedoseev Vladimir, rated 2661!

    xoxo from Chisinau ;)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Fantastic W&W

     We've just entered a very entertaining month-October. There are many celebrations these days in Moldova.
     My favorite season is Autumn, I love the golden leaves, the dark rainy days, the melancholy of the running wind :)
     I have had a really amazing day, one which characterizes the way I see a perfect day of life. I have worked in the morning (and I am really pleased with the results), I have had a fantastic lunch and then I went for a walk, visiting on my way the "Tulburel Festival". This Festival is a part of the National Wine Day, which is very popular in Moldova.
     Many people who are asked about Moldova say "Yeah, fantastic wines and women!" ( there are a lot who think it's in Africa as well :)))) I can't agree more with the first part of this saying (as about about the 2nd one- it's not me to judge :P ). Moldavian wines are really great and if you think about an interesting way to spend your weekend, you could try to visit Chisinau during this Festival! Read more about it here:
     There have been some really nice days and it feels really good to work and then to spend quality time with my family!

     Wish you all a nice weekend!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)