Friday, 22 August 2014

High Voltage

     The days pass quickly and 4 rounds are already behind. I played three games so far and if not the game I lost unbelievably stupid in the 2nd round, everything would have been fine.
     It was a very important match for us yesterday, one that  can be easily described by the words "Missed Opportunities". Our positions looked very promising at some point, but "Caissa" had another plans and  we even lost the match with a minimum 4,5-5,5 score at the end.
     My game was a very interesting and tense one, as I played against the very young and talented girl from Kazakhstan- Abdumalik Zhansaya. She is already a WGM (at the age of only 14 yo) and has some important achievements behind her. You can check the game here,by clicking "view pgn":

     We have a double round today, but I am to rest in the morning.
     I enjoy being here, as every year I play in the Turkish League and I hope that our team will show a good result :)

Wish you all a nice weekend!

xoxo from Kocaeli :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

The other Side of a Medal

     The last time I wrote was just before the beginning of the Olympiad and since then a lot of things have happened.
     Our team was very unlucky in some crucial matches and unfortunately we weren't able to repeat our success from 2012, when we took the 5th place. We finished 11th this year.
     Despite our not fantastic play, I had a rather good tournament, winning the bronze medal on the 4th board with the score of 8p/10.

     Someone knowing me a bit would know how much I wanted to add to my collection a worthy medal and how hard I've tried during the last years in order to get it. Though it came as a big surprise to me ( I didn't expect to get it after I lost one game) I can't say that I was not happy about it. After all, show me a sportsman who would win an Olympic medal and won't be happy (maybe only Plushenko with silver)...
     So what is the point of writing all of this? Well, I will tell- some important to me people were telling me during the last half year: " You don't have any worthy results", "you play rather bad", well, now- here it is- a result ( Olympic must be worthy, right?)- and no one seems to care or to notice.
     What can I say?

 The more years pass, the more I get disappointed in people.

P.S. I am at the Turkish League now, where I hope to play well, but not for anyone else, just for myself, because it seems that's how it works- one should be only for himself.

xoxo from Turkey :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

The northest North

     Here it is- the northest North- Tromsø.
     Once I got out of the airport the unusual air just hit me, I have never thought that I could actually  feel such a difference in matter of breathing. How to explain... Breathing is not a necessity, it is a great pleasure here. I feel that right now- my lungs are absolutely in love with Tromsø :)))
     We arrived yesterday, in the evening, if to admit that "evenings" exist here too... The arctic nights in summer- you know what it means? It means 21 hours of daylight per day :)) Quite cool, huh?! Though one might find it difficult to sleep in such conditions- I slept like a baby- my best sleep since like... ever :)

    I am very happy to be here and as everyone else in Tromsø, can't wait for the Olympiad to start!    Our women's team is the 6th in the starting ranking list: 

Team-Starting rank

USAUnited States of America2405

and we have a very nice team:

Name   Rtg

1IMPEPTAN Corina-Isabela  2422

2WGML'AMI Alina  2446

3IMFOISOR Cristina-Adela  2404  

4IMBULMAGA Irina  2354

5WGMCOSMA Elena-Luminita  2327

     The men's team is the 32 nd in the starting ranking list, but one must not fool himself- they were 8th at the last Olympiad :)


1GMLUPULESCU Constantin2625 

2GMVAJDA Levente2561

3GMJIANU Vlad-Cristian2579

4GMPARLIGRAS Mircea-Emilian2574

5GMNEVEDNICHY Vladislav2554

 Follow our results on : and keep updated with the latest news from the Olympiad on the official site of the event:

xoxo from Tromso ;)