Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Late night writting...

   I've never been so sure that I live the right way.
   I'm not the sweet,little girl you've got used to see.Life's not as easy as it seems.Some times,good girls become bad girls.I'm not pretending to be the bad one,I think I'm somewhere in the middle and I don't regret anything I've done to come here. It was always my choice,no matter what anyone would say,no one has ever manipulated me. I've always done only the things I wanted,no one has ever forced me... (well,may be except my mom with doing my homework :P )
   It's not easy-recognizing I've changed and I'm not the girl everybody thinks I am,or,may be,I'm not the girl I think I am...Who knows? Life will put everything on it's place,I'm sure about it.
   I just want to live my life elegant and with no regrets.
   It's my choice and it has always been.