Saturday, 26 November 2011


     I’ve been always wondering how is that to have a real friend and I feel so lucky that I had one. It’s when you share everything and you’re not afraid to tell the darkest of your secrets. You know you won’t be judged and you’d just be listened to. It’s when you can make an international call at 1 am just for crying out to your friend and both of you wouldn’t even think about that 10 euros that were spent on it. It’s when your first thought when you feel excited or depressed it to call your friend, it’s when you feel that together you’re undefeated and the whole World is at your feet.  It’s when you can’t stop to care about each other no matter what...
     It’s a once in a lifetime thing to have a real friend and it’s such a pity to throw this chance away. You are so different but you’ve got the same dreams and even when you think you’ve let this all go, you continue wondering how you’re friend’s doing. Real friendship is when you can’t stop loving even if you hate each other.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Last round at EIWCC,Tbilisi

   The 11th round of the EIWCC will start in less than two hours,at 11 am :)
   I lost my game yesterday,against Khukhashvili Sopiko.It was an interesting,equilibrated game but I had done a mistake in zeitnot and then she played exactly in a rook ending and I couldn't do anything.... I play against Girya Olga today. My score after 10 games is 5,5 points,hope to improve it today! The closing ceremony will be at about 9 pm,I'll come with a later photo report ...
   As for now,I try to focus on the game,though I'm already thinking about the exams that are waiting for me when I return home. I'll have about 2 more weeks  of school and then the summer holiday starts!I'm so excited!  I won't play too many tournaments this summer as the last year when I played like a crazy-about 6 tournaments in 3 months...
   Keep your fingers crosed for me! :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Free day in Tbilisi

   I made a draw yesterday. It was a very interesting game.I had black against Charkhalashvili Inga. Though I made a nice combinaation,I missed the win later :( Houdini showed -27.54 in a moment,I didn't even know that it's possible to have such a big advantage! It was the longest game I've played so far (about 5 h 20 min). I was so angry with me after the game that even a Kinder Bueno didn't help,(although it usually does) :))) But I've found a new way to feel better- watching horror movies.It really helps!
The famous and delicious 'hachapuri'
  Now,let's talk about pleasant things :) Today we have a free day. I didn't manage to get to the "Women Party" yesterday,but I'm waiting for some impressions from the ones who were there! The day started with a late breakfast,followed by an excursion. The bus took us to the "President's Ressidence" at about 11 am. They asked us to have our passports. When we arrived,we saw a huge queue at the entrance and a security point where a man was checking everyone's bags.It didn't scare us,we decided to wait. Then,a guide came and he said that only two people were allowed to take pictures ! It was the last drop! Some friends of mine and me decided that we stayed enough and we just walked away. We walked through the center,ate some traditional "hachapuri".We also visited a church,bought some souvenirs :) Then,a taxi gave us a ride to our hotel (for the price of 6 lari). It has been a nice day,I've really enjoyed it! Here are some photos:
The view from a bridge

Veronica and Cristina Foisor

Mt'k'vari River

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Why European "Women" Chess Champ.

    I had an interesting game today and I'm happy to announce that I won it! :) I am playing against Matveeva Svetlana tomorrow,I play at the 21st board again,hope that it will be luckier than the last time :)
    I went to the 'secretariat' after I had finished my game,in order to register for the 'free day' excursion. I asked where I can do it and the organizer said that I'm in the right place. Then,he asked for wich of the excursions  I wanted to sign up. When I said that I didn't know that there were more than one excursions he proudly said that there would be a party in a downtown club in the evening before the free day and I could join it.An arbiter who was present at our dialogue asked: "Will there be only women?". And here is the answer: " Of course no,I will be there and some of the other organizers too!" I couldn't help laughing for quite a long time and then I thought " What a hell? Can't we have fun without men too?" So,I agreed to go. You should have seen my face when I saw the 2-paged list of the ones who had also signed up for the party (LOL). I just went out laughing like a crazy :))))))
So,tip for the organizers: "If you don't want to lose some of us to the other "part" make sure that the next men and women European's would be held together !" :DDDDDD


   Four rounds have been played and another 7 will be disputed in the next days.
I have 2 points as far,not so bad but far from my best,with some missed chances...But I hope for a better luck in my next games :)
   Tbilisi is a nice city.I enjoyed having a walk through the center.I discovered that Tbilisi had metro! It was quite a surprise for me. Although it has only 15 stations, I find it great ;) Comming to Tbilisi I was ready for the worst and I was surprised to find it so enjoyable! At least it compensates the lack of a stable internet connection ...
   I am playing with Hairapetian Anna tomorrow. The results can be followed on:
   Here is also the official site, where you can find daily photo reports and news :

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Nationals,5 more rounds

     Here I am ,in Calimanesti,Romania,playing the Nationals U20,girls.There are 6 participants,so we play 10 rounds (yeah... a lot of games...) with 3 double rounds and no rest days.It is a tough schedule,but I'm doing pretty well.I have 4p out of 5 (with a stupid loss in the first round,blunders can happen). You can follow the results here:

    Calimanesti is a beautiful place,surrounded by mountains,with many monasteries. As far,we were not so lucky with the weather,it's raining almost every day...but it doesn't stop us from being in a great mood :) We (and by we I mean : my sister,Roxana,Ioana and Georgiana and me) went to a short trip to the Cozia monastery. Of course,it rained :D Here are some blurry pictures :D
     My round will start at 4 pm today,I've already prepaired,ready to give a fight! :)
    I'll keep you updated with the results and news :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Nationals coming up!

    I haven't updated my blog for a bit and I can't find any worthy excuses. I guess there were just too much things happening (even though it sounds like a cliche).
    I'm going to leave for the National Junior Championship in 2 days,so keep your fingers crossed for me!But I'm really looking forward for the European Women Chess Championship! I don't have big expectations from Tbilisi,but I just hope it will be nicer than the last time I was in Georgia (in 2006).
    Unless I will find any entertaining subject to talk about,let's speak about weather! :D It was a joke (lol)
    I had a lot of  'routine' stuff to do lately,like going to school, practicing chess,hanging between Iasi and Chisinau...So, a little competition spirit is welcomed!
   My fingers don't obey to me anylonger,so I guess I'll just take some sleep, dreaming about summer... (indeed-where the hell it is?????) :)))))


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Late night writting...

   I've never been so sure that I live the right way.
   I'm not the sweet,little girl you've got used to see.Life's not as easy as it seems.Some times,good girls become bad girls.I'm not pretending to be the bad one,I think I'm somewhere in the middle and I don't regret anything I've done to come here. It was always my choice,no matter what anyone would say,no one has ever manipulated me. I've always done only the things I wanted,no one has ever forced me... (well,may be except my mom with doing my homework :P )
   It's not easy-recognizing I've changed and I'm not the girl everybody thinks I am,or,may be,I'm not the girl I think I am...Who knows? Life will put everything on it's place,I'm sure about it.
   I just want to live my life elegant and with no regrets.
   It's my choice and it has always been.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What about ear piercings?

     I've been thinking so much about an ear piercing the last few days... So,today,I entered a beauty saloon very determined to get it! But,surprise- " we don't offer these kind of services,but you can try going to a hospital if you're not able to make it by yourself" answered miss "Barbie", from the reception. WTF???? Ok,breath Irina,just keep breathing... And Irina went out that saloon without any incidents. Ok.What to do? I still want that ear piercing. Well,I got home and decided that maybe I should really try to make it by myself. It was proved to be a wrong decision. I got nothing but a red ear and a terrible ear ache.
    And here the smart Irina wakes up! Oh,maybe I should google it and see if making an ear pearcing by myself isn't dangerous ( you know,an infection or anything else ...). The first picture I found on google was disgusting! Then,I did some reading on the theme: "dangers of ear piercings".As a result, I got totaly scared! So,now, I keep doing all kind of desinfectioning things.
  The funny thing is that I could just buy a magnetic pierce and be happy without doing all this crazy stuff....
   Well,I hope I will have my ear healed soon and here is my advice: Don't try to make a piercing by yourself,just go to a specialist,or,even better- buy  a magnetic pierce!
    Now,nothing else can be done but keeping your fingers crossed for my ear healing!