Sunday, 6 May 2012

World School Chess Championship,Iasi 2012

   It's been such a long time since my last post and I definetly can't call myself a blogger,but there's such a nice event in the city where I live- Iasi, that I want to share it with everybody!
   It's been a great honor for Romania and for Iasi particularly to host this year's edition of the World School Chess Championship. The last round is still being played,but soon we'll find out who are the winners!
   I had the pleasure to make some photos for the official site: (round 2 and round 9 + some photos from the 3rd round ). It's so nice to see all these kids struggling for a win! I remember myself being at there age and worreing so much about every game! Everyone wants to be a champion but only few of us can... I'm very happy that so many kids from all over the world came to Iasi to fight for medals! I also had the pleasure to participate in these championships some years ago,in 2005,2006 and 2007. I remember how badly I wanted to win the title and how much I worked to win it 3 years in a row... The feeling of being a CHAMPION can't be compared to anything! Mostly,it's the reason why I decided to stop by the playing hall and to take some pictures- to remember this great feeling :)
   Here are some of my favourite photos, make yourself comfortable and enjoy them!

With a little toy bear as a talisman,I remember I used to have a small lion :D

Isn't it nice to wear a personalized tshirt with the logo of the country you represent? This girl is from Turkey!

And this boy is from England! How do I know it? From the mantle he wears! A little chess SuperMan!

So concentrated!

And this boy is from Moldova,have you noticed his bracelet?

"Hm... Should I move the ruck,or the bishop?"

All the players from Turkey were wearing these tshirts! This girl,Menzi Nezihe Ezgi, I remember from 2006,when at the age of 8 y.o.she was the youngest participant at the EIWCC

This boy-Ivan Schitco,from Moldova,is the pupil of my former coach-Itkis Boris.He was the only one to beat the champion and it brought him  the 3rd place (U9 category).

Anchikov Vladimir,of Russia,2nd place in the category U7

Gheorghiu Calin,my club mate, whom I admire not only for his chess results,but also for his great guitar skills!

Who said that chess and fashion  can't come together?

What a cute hairstyle! 

Delia Oloeriu-this smile is going to win not only chess games ;)

What a tough call!

                                               My friends- Roxana Anton (who did a great job helping the oraganizers) and Georgiana Morea,who's been playing U17

   I hope you liked the photos and I look forward for the next big tournament that Iasi will be hopefully hosting in the near future!