Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Emerald Land

     Dear readers, returning home from one of the most beautiful locations I've ever been to, many thoughts have come into my mind... While being on the plane, I've sketched this post and here it is- getting alive!

     Let's start with the beginning- about one month ago, I was searching for a nice seaside tournament to open the summer season with. I found the Capo d'Orso Open, in the Porto Mannu Residence, Sardinia and wrote an email to the organizer, quite unsure that there would be any conditions left so late. Imagine my thrill when I got an email the next day, saying there were exactly 2 spots left!

     Getting enthusiastic about island trips is totally about me! I have been to Sardinia before and I knew exactly what to expect: fantastic nature, with flowers blooming everywhere; unbelievable landscapes with emerald sea and unusually shaped rocks; yummy food & wine; the perfect espressos to start the day with and the beautiful Italian language- a melodious accompaniment for the already symphony like environment...

     You probably know what they say about the thoughts getting real, that's exactly what happened to me too!
     Moreover, the playing conditions were perfect! It has become the most important factor for me when choosing whether to play a tournament or not. Being a very active player, who spends a lot of time travelling, with not too much time to rest, it is vital for me to have good conditions while at the board, so I can focus only on chess, not spending any amount of precious energy on getting nervous about an uncomfortable table or chair or too little light or too many degrees in the hall.
     This is why I want to say a big "Thank you!" to Yuri Garrett, the organizer of the tournament- who has given class to many bigger and more known (even official) tournaments! All the little details were well thought, so that both the amateur players and the professionals would have nothing to worry about but playing chess and getting regular sunbaths!

     All in all, the atmosphere was great! There was an open air bar, where one could have a coffee or a glass of wine (with the most unbelievable view to enjoy) while analyzing his game at one of the chess boards kindly provided by the organizers!

     I am very happy to have been there, it has definitely charged my batteries for all the tournaments ahead and , hey, the 5th place in an Open while being the 10th in the starting list sounds not bad at all either, right?

     Enjoy a few photos from the event and if you're not sure how to begin your next summer, the Capo d'Orso Chess Open 2019 is already confirmed to take place next June!

Sardinian View

Can you see the shape of a bear? That's why the place is called Capo d'Orso! (c) Laura Santini

The playing hall (C) Laura Santini

Playing Hall (C) Laura Santini

The Organizing Team


     The tournament is over, but chess is still on the tables of Porto Mannu and in our hearts!