Friday, 31 May 2013


     It's the birthday of a very good friend of mine- Roxana and I want to tell her how amazing she is! I know for sure that my life would be with much less smiles if you were not by my side every time I needed you. I wish you all the happiness in the World, lots of love and success and never ever change! Happy Birthday, dear!
Roxana and me

Happy Birthday,Rox!

xoxo from Iasi ;)

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not enough

     Have you ever thought of what should you have in order to say "It's enough!"? Of course you did. What about the things that you can survive to- do you know your limit- the limit when "It's enough!" breaks out of your chest?
     I am such a "Never enough person"! What the hell is in my head when a win in a tournament is not enough, fulfilling a norm is not enough, getting a new title is not enough either, getting to live the love of my life is not enough, being surrounded by amazing friends is not enough, being proud of my sister is not enough, travelling to exotic locations- too little...

     Being betrayed once doesn't make me say "It's enough", nor does my being stabbed in my back. Losing my belief in the most sacred principles-too little, abandoning myself in the slough of sins- still not enough.
     I just can't say "It's enough!" and I think that it makes me a danger for myself, though, what can be more interesting than hanging out with someone who's always ready to bid for more, right?
     You say enough?

Monday, 27 May 2013

My Universe

     I like imagining my future- designing it the way I'd want it to be.
     I create a small Universe- one only for me and for the people I want to have in my life. I have everything I need there. There's only love, respect, loyalty, friendship and peace there. There are no obstacles that can't be bypassed.
     My Universe gets new people and new colours year by year and it changes from time to time.
     I remember that I didn't want to depend on anyone, I wanted to be a successful chess player- to travel a lot, visiting new places and getting to know new people. I wanted everyone to like me and I wanted them all to wish they could become my friends.
     My Universe has got a new interface lately. I still want to become a successful GM and I want to travel to new places, but this thing with not depending on anyone...
      I've started to think that it might be not that bad to depend on someone- to make plans not only for myself. Would it be so bad having someone who loves and respects me by my side? I stopped wanting only to get things- I want to give something back. I believe that there are persons worth being given things.
     After all, life's not only about receiving- it's about maintaining a balance and I feel that mine isn't trimmed.
     I am thankful to the ones who've made me want giving things to the World.
     The good people are the ones who give you their love, respect and friendship, but the worthy ones are those who make you want giving them your love, respect and friendship.


     I am back in Iasi, morally preparing myself for the following 6 exams that I have to pass.
     The last weekend was so nice! I can't believe that I was still playing chess yesterday, feeling great and I have to study for my exams now. My session will last for 2 weeks. I hope that everything will be just fine and I'll be able to start enjoying my super busy summer schedule afterwards.
     I already miss the tournament atmosphere. The reason why I like to play tournaments in Romania is because I know everyone and I've got a lot of friends with whom I can hang out :)
     We were playing blitz in the first evening. It was very fun playing against such strong players and beating them time to time :D

Constantin Lupulescu vs Mircea Parligras

Vladislav Nevednichy vs Constantin Lupulescu

      The tournament ended very well for our team- we took the 1st place in the women's section and 2nd place in the men's one!
      You can see the final standings below:

1CS Politehnica Iasi *  * 233133317024.5298.5
2ACS Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti1 *  * 20333315021.5233.8
3CSM Bucuresti0½13 *  * 2323314020.0212.0
4Clubul Central de Sah Bucuresti0200½1 *  * 21338012.5113.5
5CS Otopeni½0½½0112 *  * 336011.591.3
6CS Snagov0000000000 *  * 000.00.0

     Here are the first 5 ranked teams in the men's section:

12Clubul de Sah al Municipiului Baia Mare980116027.5553.5
23CS Politehnica Iasi971115226.0530.5
31CS AEM Luxten Timisoara971115026.0527.3
410Clubul Central de Sah Bucuresti951311022.0386.0
55CSM Lugoj950410023.5438.3
     Here are some photos from the last day and from the closing ceremony:

COnstantin Lupulescu following the game of Crisitian Chirila vs Dieter Nisipeanu

Sergiu Grunberg following the games of his team- "AEM"

Erwin l'Ami with white vs Andrei Cioara

Deac Bogdan vs Stegariu Vlad

Corina Peptan

Madalina Anusca with white

Georgiana Morea with black

Luminita Cosma vs Luiza Marin

Teodora Vasile

Alina l'Ami

Smaranda Padurariu and Jan Smeets

The team of "Politehnica Iasi"

The youngest team

3rd place- CSM Bucuresti

2nd place- ACS Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti

1st place- Politehnica Iasi

3rd place in men's section: CS AEM Luxten Timisoara

2nd place- Politehnica Iasi

1st place- Clubul de Sah al Municipiului Baia Mare

Smaranda Padurariu

Rainbow on our way back :)

Playing vs Marin Luiza

Against Corina Peptan

     It's been a very nice weekend!

xoxo from Iasi ;)


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Romanian Rapid Club Cup

     I am at the Romanian Rapid Club Cup with my team- "Politehnica Iasi', in Snagov now.
     There are 6 teams playing in the women section:

  1. Clubul Central de Sah Bucuresti (RtgAvg:2016 / TB1: 2 / TB2: 2)
1WIMMarin Irina-Luiza2145ROU1.03.0
2WFMBaciu Anca-Otilia2062ROU1.03.0
3WNMVasilescu Maria1842ROU0.53.0
4INastase Andreea-Cristina1620ROU0.00.0

 2. CSM Bucuresti (RtgAvg:2241 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
1IMPeptan Corina-Isabela2419ROU1.02.0
2WGMIonescu Irina2239ROU1.53.0
3WNMAnusca Madalina-Maria2065ROU1.01.0
4WCMMorea Georgiana-Steluta1866ROU2.03.0

3. CS Otopeni (RtgAvg:1792 / TB1: 2 / TB2: 0)

1WCMVasile Teodora1952ROU1.03.0
2IStanciu Andreea-Briana1741ROU2.03.0
3IFiraru Roxana-Maria1684ROU1.53.0

4. ACS Sah Apa Nova Bucuresti (RtgAvg:2112 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)

1WGMCosma Elena-Luminita2301ROU3.03.0
2WFMChirita Andra-Marina2022ROU1.53.0
3WCMIlie Maria-Ruxandra2012ROU0.00.0
4WCMSerbanescu Diana-Maria1944ROU2.03.0

5. CS Snagov (RtgAvg:1108 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
1IIRata Anamaria1209ROU0.03.0
2IIIDragomir Carmen-Teodora1115ROU0.03.0
3IIIIstrate Camelia-Elena1001ROU0.03.0

6. CS Politehnica Iasi (RtgAvg:2325 / TB1: 6 / TB2: 0)
1WGMBulmaga Irina2363ROU2.03.0
2WGML'ami Alina2405ROU3.03.0
3WIMPadurariu Ioana-Smaranda2208ROU3.03.0
4WCMGelip Ioana2047ROU0.00.0

     Our team haw 3 wins out of 3 so far. You can follow the results here:

     The men's section has gathered a lot of strong teams with all the best Romanian GMs playing.

1. CS AEM Luxten Timisoara (RtgAvg:2556 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)

1GMLupulescu Constantin2634ROU1.53.0
2GMParligras Mircea-Emilian2632ROU2.53.0
3GMNevednichy Vladislav2580ROU3.03.0
4IMGrunberg Sergiu-Henric2379ROU0.00.0
5CMToma Radu-Cristian2143ROU2.03.0

2. Clubul de Sah al Municipiului Baia Mare (RtgAvg:2555 / TB1: 6 / TB2: 0)

1GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter2625ROU2.53.0
2GMVajda Levente2550ROU3.03.0
3GMSzabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula2555ROU2.53.0
4GMGrigore George-Gabriel2491ROU0.51.0
5FMHajbok Robert2365ROU2.02.0
6FMSzabo Attila2290ROU0.00.0

3. CS Politehnica Iasi (RtgAvg:2477 / TB1: 6 / TB2: 0)

1GML'ami Erwin2642NED3.03.0
2IMMateuta Gabriel2477ROU2.53.0
3IMDanilov Vladimir2434ROU1.02.0
4FMUngureanu Vlad2324ROU0.51.0
5FMManole Vasile2355ROU0.00.0
6CMStegariu Vlad-Ionut2279ROU3.03.0

4. CSU Ploiesti (RtgAvg:2406 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)

1IMCioara Andrei-Nestor2471ROU2.03.0
2IMTomescu Vlad2389ROU2.03.0
3IMBaratosi Daniel2432ROU0.00.0
4IMIonescu Doru-Alexandru2331ROU1.52.0
5FMVoiteanu Gabriel2278ROU1.01.0
6CMDeac Bogdan-Daniel2173ROU2.03.0

5. CSM Lugoj (RtgAvg:2391 / TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)

1GMJianu Vlad-Cristian2525ROU2.03.0
2FMBalla Tamas-Kristof2382ROU1.53.0
3IMDragomirescu Robin-Alexandru2372ROU3.03.0
4IMVasilescu Lucian-Mihail2283ROU1.02.0
5CMDomanyek Ernest-Iosif2206ROU1.01.0
6INeagu Mihai-Cosmin1992ROU0.00.0

     You can follow the results here:

Here are some photos:

Erwin l'Ami playing with white

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu

Levente Vajda

Vlad Jianu with white

Cristian Chirila with black

Lucian Miron vs Tiberiu Georgescu

"Politehnica Iasi" with Vladimir Danilov, Gabriel Mateuta and Erwin l'Ami

"AEM" with Vladislav Nevednichy, Mircea Parligras and Constantin Lupulescu

     A big photo report from last night's blitz matches will follow!