Sunday, 2 December 2012

Black day for Bulgarians

   Anna Ushenina is the new World Women's Champion! She won the tie-break against Antoaneta Stefanova today. The first game was a draw, but she won the 2nd one.
   I am in Stuttgart right now,for the Bundesliga. I won very nicely today's game, against a 2200 player and the team also managed to win, though not without luck, Adriana Nikolova lost and Lyubka Genova managed to save an ending with a pawn down... It looked like it was an unlucky day for the Bulgarians...
   Here's my game:

    We went to a nice Italian restaurant afterwards. We had a lot of fun while drinking "Lady's beer" and listening to music, gossiping... Actually, when the waiter came with the drinks he asked us "Lady's?" and we started laughing like crazy when I said "No?!" :DDD
    There's also an a little bit dissapointing thing- Deep Purple is performing tonight in Stuttgart, but as we have the round tomorrow, at 9 am, there was no chance to go :( No smoke on the water tonight :))

My teammate and friend- Melinda Goczo

Lyubka Genova,Adriana Nikolova, Rene Gabel, Melanie Ohme,Lena Levushkina and Melinda Goczo

Melanie Ohme, Lena Levushkina,me and Melinda Goczo

xoxo from Stuttgart ;)

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