Monday, 3 December 2012

Heart of ice

   Relationships between chess players... It's a subject which I was thinking about lately and which I've discussed with some friends. It's a natural thing to be with someone alike-with someone who has the same interests with you, but can it really work in a long term perspective?
   The most relationships between chess players where the man plays stronger-they tend to go wrong at some point. I think that the problem is that men put chess ahead of everything, even of their girlfriends. We all want to be appreciated for what we do, we want to feel that we're women, we want to feel at least sometimes the same magic we felt when started dating "the" guy. Most of the men don't understand it, they take everything as given, they don't realize that they can lose us even if we've been together for years. Everything is nice at the begining, no effort is inquired-just enjoy it! The problems come after some time, when men think that they've got us and there's nothing more they should do...
   On the other hand, dating a guy who's completely out of chess is also kind of difficult. They tend to divinize us, which feels very nice initially but gets annoying afterwards. They also don't understand why we keep travelling to so many tournaments and why we spend hours and hours in front of the chess board...
   Of course, there are exceptions too,but these are the most common situations.
   My conclusion is that one should try her best to obtain what she wants by herself, not carrying what the man she's with thinks about it. I mean come on, they've been wrong for so many times, what makes you think that it's not the same now?
   The ideal situation would be not to get involed until you achieve what you wanted, but as it's quite impossible, just never forget what YOU want in the first place and even if no one believes you can do it, the most important thing is for you to believe it!

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