Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The best Romanian Chess Players of the year

     The Romanian Chess Federation has chosen the best 10 chess players of the year:
     According to the given list, here's the Top 10:

  1. Foişor Cristina-Adela (CS AEM Luxten Timişoara)
  2. Pârligras Mircea-Emilian (CS AEM Luxten Timişoara)
  3. Nevednicii Vladislav (CS AEM Luxten Timişoara)
  4. Lupulescu Constantin (CS AEM Luxten Timişoara)
  5. Bulmaga Irina (CS Politehnica Iaşi)
  6. L’Ami Alina (CS Politehnica Iaşi)
  7. Vişănescu Daria-Ioana (Clubul de Şah Deva)
  8. Cosma Elena-Luminiţa (ACS Apa Nova Bucureşti)
  9. Vajda Levente (CS Universitar Ploieşti)
  10. Şerban Florin (Clubul Municipal de Şah Alba Iulia) 
    Năstase Robert-Paul (Clubul Central de Şah Bucureşti)

     With this list here, I've decided to think about my achievements from this year:

1. Have achieved the WGM title
2. Got my 2nd and 3rd IM norms in Plovdiv,at the EICC- the best tournament in my chess career so far, with a 2503 Elo Performance
3. Got my highest Elo so far- 2386
4. Won for the 1st time against a player with a 2500+ Elo, and the 2nd time and the 3rd time :))))
5. Was very close to sharing 1st-4th place at the WJCC
6. Graduated highschool
7. Got into University
8. Visited 2 new countries-Poland and Austria
9. Have realized that my life is to be mostly about chess

     As about the things I want for the 2013 year:

1. Get to 2450
2. Qualify to the World Women's Championship
3. Win the WJCC
4. Become the Romanian Women's Champion

     All of these being said, I wish you a Happy New Year and to achieve whatever you want!

xoxo from Chisinau ;)