Wednesday, 19 December 2012

End of the World?

   Assuming that the End of the World will come in some 30 hours, I've decided to make a list with things I could do until then:

1. have a good 9 hour sleep- (21 h remained)
2. have my favourite latte machiatto and fancy it with a cigarette-who cares about health-it's the End of the World!! -(20h left)
3. Make my last deadly nice manicure :))) 19 h left
4. Try the limit of my credit card- I won't need it in the next life,right? 17h felt
5. Travel to Chisinau-trying to find the reason why it all had started in the first place-13h felt
6. Get the damn 2500 rating at least on playchess 11h left
7. Drink some bottles of champagne with my very best friend telling our darkest secrets to each other-they'd get burried soon anyways and if not that'll be sooo much "fun" :))) 8h left
8. Go to a club and dance on the bar- I've always imagined how cool could it be, but was too worried about the consequences... 5h left
9. Sober up with some coffee and eat my favourite cheese cake :P 4h left

The rest of the 4 hours will remain "under cover", in case the World will not end ;)

1 comment:

  1. C'est la fin du monde !! :)