Saturday, 22 December 2012

Astana-Timisoara 2,5-1,5

   It's been an unfortunate day for our men's team, playing at the World Cities Championship. They lost the match against Astana with a 2,5-1,5 score, with Constantin Lupulescu making a draw against Kazhgaleyev Murtas (2596), Mircea Parligras winning against Jumabayev Rinat (2567) and Mihail Marin and Vladislav Nevednichy losing their games to Kotsur Pavel (2550) and respectively Ismagambetov Anuar (2463).
   Here are some photos from the opening ceremony I've found on the official site of the event :

Sergiu Grunberg, the captain of the Timisoara team

   Here's the group they're playing in :

Group 4

Baku (AZE)
Astana (KAZ)
Timisoara (ROM)
Istanbul (TUR)
   It's a pity they lost today, but still, nothing is lost, they play against Istanbul tomorrow and I hope they'll manage to recover :) Maybe it was the big temperature difference, it's +25C in Al Ain, compared to the -10C in Romania. Whatever the reason was, I'm sure that it will get better tomorrow :)
   Here's Mircea's game:

   I wish good luck to our team and maybe they could send us some Arabian sun to us through their games! :)

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