Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Playing in the snow

   Here's a big pictorial report from today's 2nd round of the "Pius Branzeu Memorial":

Top seed of the tournament- GM Vladislav Nevednichy (2545)

WIM Veronica Foisor (2208)

IM Adrian Petrisor (2380)

IM Cristina Foisor (2383)

WIM Angela Dragomirescu (2252)

WGM Iulia Ionica (2220)

Malureanu George (2116)

IM Mladen Milenkovic (2399)- the only foreigner playing in the tournament

Epic encounter- boyfriend vs girlfriend and no,it wasn't a draw, I guess someone will have to suffer ;)

Family playing next to each other- FM Calin Dragomirescu (2215) and WIM Angela Dragomirescu (2252)

Our beautiful and talented junior,the U16 European Silver Medalist- WFM  Daria Visanescu (2050)

GM Marius Manolache (2541), I'm playing against him tomorrow (damn,I should have made a worse picture :)))

Thophies are waiting for their winners with the arbiter  of the tournament- Dinu  Nicula

Who's the best grandparent,huh?

"Red ponytail" is tough, what should I do now??

"Please,not the knight!"

Alexandra Nevednichy, the daughter of Gabriela Olarasu and Vladislav Nevednichy -right, and  me visualizing myself with the big cup on left

My first round game 

   An interesting round awaits for us tomorrow,at 9 am . I'm playing against the 2nd seed Marius Manolache with black (hope he's not an early bird ;))) The Foisor's family motto will be "Every point goes into the family's pocket", as they're playing against each other.
   Here's the link where you can follow the tournament results:  http://chess-results.com/tnr84809.aspx?art=2&rd=3&lan=11

   These being said, I'll start my preparation ;)
   Will keep you posted!

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