Saturday, 15 December 2012

Living on a prayer

   Yesterday has been such an amazing day for me! I won my both games, the first one in one hour and the 2nd one in about one and a half hour! I played really nice both games and I felt such an energy during the games that I thought I could move the pieces only with the power of my thoughts!
   There's a funny thing- I played against Foisor Veronica yesterday afternoon and I play against her mother-Cristina today :))) Here's my yesterday's game:

   Here are also some photos I've found on the official site of the event:

Adrian Petrisor- Vladislav Nevednichy, Marius Manolache-me -on the 2nd plan :)

Playing against Marius Manolache

Playing against Veronica Foisor
Corina Peptan- Iulia Ionica, me on the 2nd plan :D

   Another funny thing is that I've played about 12 games against Cristina and I had white every time :)))

   Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

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