Monday, 24 December 2012

Theory of conspiration

     Hypocrites, manipulators, scheming, conspiracy- no, it's not a novel, it's a kind welcome to the adult life. It's ridiculous how often I've started to be in the middle of  these. It can go no longer, I couldn't care less about what one said that another one said about me, am I so cool that there's no other topic to talk about? Yes? Thanks a lot.
     The point is that I practice chess, I train quite much and I like it, I like to have fun with my friends, I am a rock music addicted listener, I believe in God, though I sometimes doubt His existance, I love my family and I'd be home at 10 pm if my mum would tell me so, I love chocolate and I eat it when I feel bad, I like drinking tea with my family late at night, I smoked and I loved it until it started to make me feel spoiled and I gave it up, I like writting and I'm not afraid to tell what I think, I don't lie-unless it's live or die necessary, I drink a lot of coffee, I jog when I feel like my head's gonna' explode, I sing russian rock ballads when I'm melancholic,when I'm very upset about a lost game,I drink a glass of beer with chips while watching some 3 episodes of criminalistic serials, I have a diary and I hide it, I've got no boyfriend and I like it this way for now, I've got friends and I love them, I've got family and I love them even more and I've got myself  and I tell myself every day how awesome I am and I love myself even more for all of these :D
     Is it enough to use it against me? If not, just tell me, I can provide some more information ;)

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